CHRI to launch public awareness campaign


Singapore, Feb 09, 2012: China Health Resource (CHRI), announced its plan to launch an aggressive Investors and Public Awareness Campaign throughout 2012. Strategies and programs are designed to increase market awareness of the company among investors, institutions, and financial analysts. To grow its market presence, the company announced that it has signed a long term contract with a global news and media company as part of this awareness campaign initiative. The company will make further appointments in this area shortly and through 2012.

Mr Jiayin Wang, chairman and CEO of CHRI stated: "We are most excited to confirm that we now enter our next logical phase in the business - to increase public and investor awareness of CHRI and TCM. We want to articulate our progress but most importantly our vision for alternative healthcare.  Our business has grown from a developmental stage and progressing into a growth phase. We have announced our "Go Global 2012" expansion program.  We also have announced an acquisition initiative we are actively at.  We are now receiving many serious inquires in those areas.  We want the public to know more of our unique healthcare products, research but more importantly of our vision for better healthcare and we want this message to reach a global audience.  We want to attract people, talent, investors and companies to join us in this major global alternative health care trend.  For an aging global population, this is a must".

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pharmaceutical products, along with synthetic western pharmaceuticals, are essential to the central healthcare system in China. The industry has been and is expected to continue growing significantly. In recent years in western countries such as the US and the UK, awareness of the benefits of TCM products has become increasingly attractive.

"CHRI is capitalizing in the new trend of increased demand for alternative healthcare products from an aging population in the major global economies such as USA, Japan, China, Germany and Italy, the general increasing need for healthcare, and the increasing acceptance of alternative and preventive health care worldwide. Financial analysts need to know, investors need to know, the public needs to know.  It is our duty to create this awareness. And the more we do, the more everyone benefits especially our shareholders," added MrJiayin Wang.

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