BioDiem licenses LAIV technology to Changchun BCHT


Singapore, Feb 10, 2012: Australian vaccine development company BioDiem has licensed its live attenuated influenza virus (LAIV) vaccine technology to China-based Changchun BCHT Biotechnology (BCHT). This is an exclusive license for the Chinese private sector market for pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines made using an egg-based production method. BCHT holds a complementary license to the LAIV for the public market in China via a sub-license from the World Health Organization.

BCHT is a well-established technology company engaged in medical research and development, marketing and production, based in Jilin Province’s High Tech Zone. Established in 2004, the company now employs more than 600 employees and has developed significant in-house expertise in viral technology development with particular successes in the areas of influenza and preventative HIV vaccines.

BioDiem’s LAIV vaccine is based on a well-established vaccine type, where the virus has been weakened and simply presents the immune system with the proteins needed to establish immunity. BioDiem’s vaccine has the additional advantage of being delivered through a nasal spray, eliminating the need for injections, which increases patient acceptability and compliance. Furthermore, BioDiem’s LAIV vaccine has been shown to produce a broader immune response, more akin to the natural immune response, than standard flu shots delivered through injection.

BioDiem’s LAIV technology platform is compatible with both egg and cell-based production methods. Egg-based production is the industry standard, but cell-based production is recognized as advantageous for its ability to produce huge numbers of vaccines at speed, as well as its freedom from requiring pathogen-free eggs.

BioDiem CEO Ms Julie Phillips said “We are delighted to have secured another license for our LAIV technology. BCHT is an experienced and well-regarded vaccine developer and producer. It has its own R&D and production facilities and marketed products. China is an exciting territory with an enormous potential market for influenza vaccines and we are pleased to enter it through our new partnership with BCHT for BioDiem’s LAIV technology.”

BCHT’s President, Dr Wei Kong, said “We see a huge opportunity in building a LAIV influenza vaccine platform in China. The LAIV technology’s versatility and ability to be administered without injection makes it a very attractive asset, which we believe will be particularly competitive in China.”

The licensing deal will substantially expand the application of LAIV technology and promote BioDiem’s business prospects. The specific terms and royalty agreements described in the license are in line with industry standards, but are subject to commercial confidentiality.

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