China To Spend 590B Yuan On Energy Saving


China plans to reduce energy consumption per unit of industrial value-added by 21 percent in 2015 from the level in 2010, saving the equivalent of 670 million tons of standard coal during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, reports China Securities Journal, citing the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

According to the plan, China will invest a total of 590 billion yuan on nine major energy saving projects, of which more than one-third will be spent on the industrial kilns, boilers, electrical systems and high/low temperature waste heat sectors.

The plan targets the gradual elimination of outdated capacity in the steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, chemicals, construction materials, machinery, light industry, textile and electronic information industries, and replace them with energy-efficient techniques. 

According to Sun Xiaoliang, assistant to the chairman of EMCA, an association promoting energy conservation in China, only 30-50 companies are qualified to design and produce high-efficiency motors in China at present.

Sun said more than 90 percent of the high-efficiency motors were exported.

The average selling price of high-efficiency motors was 70-90 yuan per kilowatt at present, more than double that of normal motors.

Based on the average power price of 0.58 yuan per kWh for industrial use, upgrading motor systems could result in power bill savngs of 11.6 billion yuan per year, estimates Sun.

It was reported that advanced energy-saving technologies have not been universally applied in the blast furnace, steel, electrolytic aluminum and calcium carbide sectors.

By 2015, the operational efficiency of industrial furnaces and kiln furnaces are projected to rise by five percent and two percent  respectively from 2010.

Hiconincs Drive Technology (300048), Shenzhen INVT Electric (002334), Harbin Jiuzhou Electric (300040) and Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric (002169) are some of the companies which produce energy-saving motor systems. 

Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry (002255) and Rongxin Power Electonic (002123) are involved in the high/low temperature waste heat sectors.


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