Heritage (HKG:0412) to acq investee co less than 20%, resumed


Heritage International Holdings Limited (HKG:0412) said that it has noted increases in both the trading price and volume of the shares of the Company and stated that it is not aware of any reason for such movements.

The Company announced that it has, from time to time, acquired and may continue to acquire shares in a listed company (Investee Company) on the Stock Exchange as a strategic investment of the Company. It is contemplated that the acquisition may involve a substantial block of shares (but not exceeding 20%) of the issued share capital of the Investee Company. At the present moment, the Company has no intention to appoint any person to the board of directors of the Investee Company as the Company does not want to interfere with the present management of the Investee Company.

No definitive or legally binding agreement or contract has been signed by the Company.


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