Global and China Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA/NCM) and Battery Industry Report, 2016-2020
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Cathode materials for lithium-ion battery can be chiefly classified by material structure into three categories:
First, the laminated materials such as LiCoO2, LiNiO2, LiMO2 (M=NiCo, NiCoMn);
Second, the materials of the spinel solid, like LiMn2O4;
Third, intercalates with olivine structure such as LixMPO4 (M=Fe, Mn, Co)

The first-generation cathode material refers to lithium cobaltate (LCO) whose voltage platform is 4.2V in general and which gets mainly used in consumer electronics. As the compacted density and energy density of LCO is on the edge of extremes, there emerges the latest technology trend -- LCO mixed high-voltage compacted density NCM ternary material, to produce high voltage battery cells.

The second-generation cathode materials consist of LMO, NCM/NCA, LFP, etc., of which NCM ternary material embraces bright prospects and has been widely used in fields such as notebook computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, electric tool, electric bicycle and electric vehicle. With lower costs compared with traditional LCO, NCM tends to replace LCO in the mobile terminals field. Now in China, 85 percent of NCM ternary materials find application in mobile terminal field and among which at least 80 percent adopts cost-efficient NCM523 cathode material.

The third-generation cathode materials refer to the laminated lithium-rich manganese series materials, lithium nickel manganese oxide spinel high-voltage materials, etc. and they have not yet been massively commercialized and are the hotspot in the research of cathode materials worldwide.

The global shipment of cathode materials reached 223,400 tons in 2015, surging by 35.89% from the previous year. Thanks to brisk demand for electric vehicles, LFP and NCA show rapid growth among which NCA gets primarily used for Panasonic 18650 cylindrical batteries (to be supplied to Tesla EVs) and substantial growth of LFP benefits mainly from China’s EV demand, particularly robust demand for electric buses as well as application in energy storage field.

Currently, the world’s ternary material manufacturers are principally from Japan, S.Korea and China, holding a combined market share of 50% worldwide. Japanese companies are expert at technologies and have rich experience; S.Korean peers have sprung up and tend to outpace Japanese ones in both technology and quality; while Chinese counterparts that accessed into the industry late are mainly involved in the medium and low-end markets with gross margin of less than 10% and serious homogeneity of products.

At present, concentration of ternary material supply is improving in China, with four leaders including Hunan Shanshan Advanced Material, Xiamen Tungsten, Ningbo Jinhe New Materials, and Shenzhen Zhenhua New Materials together holding close to 50% market shares. In future, the market will be seized by the listed companies with strength in technology and capital.

In 2015, the shipment of NCM ternary material was up to 30,500 tons with a year-on-year surge of 45.2% in China, and the output value reported RMB3.27 billion, up 35% from a year earlier and manly spurred by growth in electric vehicles’ demand for power batteries and substitution for LCO.

In addition to NCM, there is also little shipment of NCA ternary material in China, mainly contributed by Tianjin Lishen’s 18650 NCA ternary lithium batteries for JAC’s Iev5. Since NCA has strong chemical activity and poses exceedingly high requirements on battery thermal management system, electric vehicles in China have rare use of NCA. In 2015, the shipment of NCA ternary material approximated 2,000 tons in China.

With improvements in compacted densification, energy density, voltage, etc., ternary materials’ application in the digital domain (like tablet PC and notebook computer) sees a rising proportion. What’s more, the demand for ternary materials from electric tool market also keeps growing.

In the EV sector, the newly launched EVs in China in 2015 consisting of BAIC BJEV EV200, Chery eQ, JAC Iev4, ZOTYE Cloud 100, etc all apply ternary power batteries. According to the posed requirements on new energy vehicle innovation projects by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), in 2015, the energy density of lithium battery monomer should be not less than 180Wh/kg, the energy density of battery module is not less than 150Wh/kg, and the cycle life lasts for more than 2,000 times or ten years. Considering factors like energy density, cycle life and costs, LFP is hard to meet the new-generation lithium batteries for new energy vehicle, and the ternary cathode materials will become the mainstream technology route of cathode materials for lithium power batteries.

It is highly probable for ternary materials to replace LFP and become the mainstream cathode materials for power batteries. Only a few cathode material enterprises are capable of producing high nickel NCM622 in China. It is expected that in 2017 the penetration of ternary materials in China will be up to 20%, and till 2020 abide by 1kwh needy of 1.3kg of ternary materials, China’s demand for NCM will amount to 155,000 tons and the demand for NCA ternary material will reach 8,000 tons, from which a hug rigid gap of ternary cathode materials can be seen.

As concerns technology trends, the novel lithium-rich laminated ternary materials are possible to be utilized as the cathode material for future high-energy-density lithium-ion battery due to exceedingly high specific capacity and excellent cycling competence. Currently, first discharge of 0.1C (C stands for capacity) such material is higher than 250mAh/g and capacity retention ratio is above 90% after the cycling of thirty times, presenting remarkable electrochemical properties. The research and development of lithium-rich ternary materials is of great significance to the industrialization of power battery.

Global and China Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA/NCM) and Battery Industry Report, 2016-2020 by ResearchInChina highlights the followings:
20120114.gifSupply and demand of ternary materials in China and the world, particularly the shares of applications in such fields as new energy vehicle and consumer electronics;
20120114.gifCompetitive landscape in China and beyond, covering domestic and overseas companies’ market share, capacity planning, market pattern, etc.;
20120114.gifTechnology routes and development trends of ternary materials in China and the world;
20120114.gifAnalysis on upstream and downstream market segments of ternary materials, consisting of cobalt metal, lithium carbonate, ternary precursor, ternary lithium battery, etc.;
20120114.gifKey application growth points of ternary cathode materials, and analysis of electric vehicle industry in China and the world;
20120114.gifOperation, technologies, development plans and production & sales dynamics of six manufacturers of ternary cathode materials from countries like Japan, S.Korea, Belgium and Germany;
20120114.gifOperation, technologies, development plans and production & sales dynamics of fourteen Chinese ternary cathode material manufacturers;
20120114.gifOperation, technologies, development plans and production & sales dynamics of seven producers of ternary lithium battery from nations such as Japan, S.Korea and Europe;
20120114.gifOperation, technologies, development plans and production & sales dynamics of nine Chinese ternary lithium battery manufacturers.

Global Shipment of Cathode Materials(LFP/NCM/LCO/LMO/NCA), 2011-2015
 三元材料 英文_副本.png
Source: ResearchInChina

1 Overview of Ternary Cathode Materials
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification
1.2.1 Nickel-cobalt-manganese Ternary Cathode Materials (NCM)
1.2.2 Nickel-cobalt-aluminum Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA)
1.3 Production Methods

2 Global Ternary Cathode Material Industry
2.1 Overview of Global Cathode Material Market 
2.2 Global Ternary Cathode Material Market
2.2.1 Shipment
2.2.2 Price
2.2.3 Market Share
2.2.4 Corporate Competitive Landscape
2.2.5 Technology Trend
2.3 Ternary Cathode Material Market in Major Countries or Regions  
2.3.1 Japan 
2.3.2 South Korea

3 China Ternary Cathode Material Industry
3.1 Overview of Chinese cathode material Market 
3.2 Chinese Ternary Cathode Material Market
3.2.1 Shipment 
3.2.2 Price
3.2.3 Market Size
3.2.4 Corporate Competitive Landscape 
3.3 Policy 
3.4 Development Trend

4 Ternary Cathode Material Industry Chain 
4.1 Upstream
4.1.1 Cobalt
4.1.2 Lithium Carbonate
4.1.3 Ternary Precursor
4.2 Downstream
4.2.1 Lithium Battery of Consumer Electronics (3C) 
4.2.2 Power Lithium Battery
4.2.3 Ternary Cathode Material Lithium Battery

5 Global and Chinese Electric Vehicle Market
5.1 Global Electric Vehicle Market
5.1.1 Overall Market
5.1.2 The United States
5.1.3 Europe
5.1.4 Japan
5.2 Chinese Electric Vehicle Market
5.2.1 Overall Market
5.2.2 Passenger Car
5.2.3 Commercial Vehicle

6 Foreign Ternary Cathode Materials Companies 
6.1 Belgium Umicore
6.1.1 Profile 
6.1.2 Financial Operation 
6.1.3 Production Base 
6.1.4 Layout in China 
6.1.5  Ternary Cathode Material Business 
6.2 Japan Nichia
6.2.1 Profile 
6.2.2 Development Course 
6.2.3 Financial Operation 
6.2.4 Output 
6.3 South Korea L&F
6.3.1 Profile 
6.3.2 Financial Operation 
6.3.3 Output 
6.4 Japan Toda Kogyo
6.4.1 Profile 
6.4.2 Financial Operation 
6.4.3 Ternary Cathode Material Business 
6.5 Germany BASF
6.5.1 Profile 
6.5.2 Layout in China and Worldwide 
6.5.3 Financial Operation 
6.5.4 Ternary Cathode Material Business 
6.5.5 Technology Roadmap 
6.6 Japan Sumitomo Metal Mine
6.6.1 Profile 
6.6.2 Financial Operation 
6.6.3 Global Layout 

7 Chinese Ternary Cathode Materials Enterprises 
7.1 Hunan Shanshan Advanced MaterialCo., Ltd. 
7.1.1 Profile 
7.1.2 Financial Operation 
7.1.3 Output and Sales Volume 
7.1.4 Products 
7.1.5 Core Competence
7.1.6 Performance Prediction 
7.2 Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd. 
7.2.1 Profile 
7.2.2 Development Course 
7.2.3 Financial Operation 
7.2.4 Capacity 
7.2.5 Customers 
7.2.6 Ternary Cathode Material Business 
7.2.7 Performance Prediction 
7.3 Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd. 
7.3.1 Profile 
7.3.2 Financial Operation 
7.3.3 Capacity 
7.3.4 Core Competence
7.3.5 Performance Prediction 
7.4 Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech 
7.4.1 Profile 
7.4.2 Development Course 
7.4.3 Financial Operation 
7.4.4 Capacity 
7.4.5 Ternary Cathode Material Business 
7.4.6 Core Competence 
7.4.7 Performance Prediction 
7.5 Fujian Zhonghe Co., Ltd. 
7.5.1 Profile 
7.5.2 Development Course 
7.5.3 Financial Operation 
7.5.4 Capacity 
7.5.5 Core Competence 
7.5.6 Performance Prediction 
7.6 Kingray New Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 
7.6.1 Profile 
7.6.2 Financial Operation 
7.6.3 Capacity 
7.6.4 Performance Prediction 
7.7 Ningbo Jinhe New Materials Co., Ltd. 
7.7.1 Profile 
7.7.2 Financial Operation 
7.7.3 Capacity 
7.7.4  Core Competence 
7.8 Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology Co., Ltd.   
7.8.1 Profile 
7.8.2 Financial Operation 
7.8.3 Capacity 
7.8.4 Performance Prediction 
7.9 Xinxiang Tianli Energy Material Co., Ltd. 
7.9.1 Profile 
7.9.2 Financial Operation 
7.9.3 Capacity 
7.9.4 Performance Prediction 
7.10 Henan Kelong New Energy Co., Ltd. 
7.10.1 Profile 
7.10.2 Financial Operation 
7.10.3 Capacity 
7.10.4 Performance Prediction 
7.11 Hunan Changyuan Lico Co., Ltd. 
7.11.1 Profile 
7.11.2 Financial Operation 
7.11.3 Capacity 
7.12 Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. 
7.12.1 Profile 
7.12.2 Ternary Cathode Materials 
7.13 Hunan Reshine New Material Co., Ltd.  
7.13.1 Profile 
7.13.2 Ternary Cathode Material Business 
7.14 Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.

8 Major Global Ternary Lithium Battery Manufacturers
8.1 Panasonic
8.1.1 Profile 
8.1.2 Battery Technology 
8.1.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.1.4 Layout in China 
8.1.5 Customers 
8.1.6 Output  Capacity 
8.2.1 Profile 
8.2.2 Battery Technology 
8.2.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.2.4 Layout in China 
8.2.5 Capacity and Output 
8.3.1 Profile 
8.3.2 Battery Technology 
8.3.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.3.4 Customers 
8.3.5 Capacity and Output 
8.4 LGC
8.4.1 Profile 
8.4.2 Battery Technology 
8.4.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.4.4 Customers 
8.4.5 Layout in China 
8.4.6 Capacity and Output 
8.5 Samsung SDI 
8.5.1 Profile 
8.5.2 Battery Technology 
8.5.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.5.4 Customers 
8.5.5 Layout in China 
8.5.6 Capacity and Output 
8.6 SKI
8.6.1 Profile 
8.6.2 Battery Technology 
8.6.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.6.4 Layout in China 
8.6.5 Capacity and Output 
8.7 Li-Tec&Accumotive
8.7.1 Profile 
8.7.2 Battery Technology 
8.7.3 Business Development and Prospect 
8.7.4 Customers 

9 Major Chinese Ternary Lithium Battery Manufacturers
9.1 Tianjin Lishen
9.1.1 Profile 
9.1.2 Battery Technology 
9.1.3 Business Development and Prospect 
9.1.4 Customers 
9.1.5 Capacity and Output 
9.2 ATL
9.2.1 Profile 
9.2.2 Battery Technology 
9.2.3 Business Development and Prospect 
9.2.4 Industry Chain 
9.2.5 Investment and Capacity 
9.2.6 Production and Marketing 
9.3 China Bak Battery
9.3.1 Profile
9.3.2 Battery Technology
9.3.3 Business Development and Prospect
9.3.4 Customers
9.3.5 Capacity and Output
9.4 Wanxiang EV
9.4.1 Profile
9.4.2 Battery Technology
9.4.3 Business Development and Prospect
9.4.4 Customers
9.5 Sinopoly Battery
9.5.1 Profile
9.5.2 Battery Technology
9.5.3 Business Development and Prospect
9.5.4 Customers
9.5.5 Output and Capacity
9.6 CITIC GUOAN Mengguli
9.6.1 Profile
9.6.2 Battery Technology
9.6.3 Business Development and Prospect
9.7 China Aviation Lithium Battery
9.7.1 Profile
9.7.2 Battery Technology
9.7.3 R & D
9.7.4 Business Development and Prospect
9.7.5 Customers
9.7.6 Output and Capacity 
Structure Diagram of Laminated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2
Performance Comparison of Ternary Cathode Materials
Performance Parameters of NCM Ternary Cathode Material
Metal Demand from NCM Ternary Cathode Material
Merits and Demerits of Ternary Synergy Effect
Comparison of Sundry Models of NCM Ternary Cathode Material 
Cost Analysis of Sundry Models of NCM Ternary Cathode Material
Comparison of NCM Performance with Different Composition Ratios
Performance Parameters of NCA Ternary Cathode Material
Metal Demand from NCA Ternary Cathode Material
Comparison of NCM, NCA and LFP
NCM Lithium Manufacturing Methods and Features
Process Flow of NCM Coprecipitation Method
Global Shipment of Cathode Materials (LFP/NCM/LCO/LMO/NCA), 2011-2015
Consumption Structure of Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Worldwide, 2015
Performance Comparison of Ternary Cathode Materials and Other Cathode Materials
Development Orientation of Li-ion Battery Cathode Materials
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model of Global Cathode Materials Industry
Market Share of Cathode Material Manufacturers Worldwide, 2014
Global Shipment of Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA/NCM), 2011-2015
Global Shipment of Ternary Cathode Materials, 2009-2020E
Price Trend of Ternary Cathode Materials Worldwide, 2010-2020E
Shares (%) of Cathode Materials (LFP, LCO, LMO, NCM) (for Electric Vehicle), 2020E
Shares (%) of Cathode Materials (LFP, LCO, LMO, NCM) (for 3C Consumer Electronics), 2020E
Market Share of Ternary Cathode Material Manufacturers Worldwide, 2014
Application of Patents for Ternary Cathode Materials Worldwide
Technological Tendencies of Ternary Cathode Material Technologies, 2015-2030E
Auto Models Supported by Ternary Cathode Materials in Japan
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Auto Models Supported by Ternary Cathode Materials in South Korea
Development Roadmap of Ternary Cathode Materials in South Korea
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Output of Cathode Materials (NCM/LCO/LFP/LMO) in China, 2014Q1-2015Q2
Products, Revenue and Capacity of Key Cathode Material Manufacturers in China, 2014
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Ternary Cathode Material (NCM) Shipment in China, 2011-2015
Ternary Cathode Materials (NCM/NCA) Shipment in China, 2015-2020E
Ternary Cathode Material Capacities of Leading Manufacturers in China
Capacities (GWh) of Key Chinese Ternary Lithium Battery Manufacturers, 2015-2017E
Prices of NCM 523 and LFP in China, 2011-2015
Market Size of Ternary Cathode Materials in China, 2013-2020E
Market Shares of Key Chinese Ternary Cathode Material Manufacturers, 2015
National Policy’s Requirements on Lithium Battery
Status Quo of Research on Lithium-rich Ternary Cathode Materials in China
Development Trends of Ternary Cathode Materials in China
Percentages of Cobalt Applications
Amount of Cobalt Consumed by Different Ternary Cathode Materials
Distribution of Cobalt Resource Reserves Worldwide
Distribution of Cobalt Resource Reserves in China
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Cobalt Demand Structure in China
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Lithium Carbonate Demand in the World, 2012-2020E
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China’s Output of Power Batteries in Different Systems, 2014-2018E
Installation of Ternary Batteries in Battery Electric Passenger Cars in China, Nov 2015
Auto Models Supported by Ternary Cathode Material Lithium Battery Overseas
Ternary Lithium Battery Projects which are Newly Built or Put into Production in China
Ternary Cathode Material Battery Market Size, 2020E
Auto Models Supported by Newly Launched Ternary Battery in Chinese Market, 2015
Sales Volume of Electric Passenger Cars Worldwide (by Major Countries), 2013-2014
Sales Volume of World’s Top 20 Electric Passenger Car Brands, 2013-2014
Sales Volume of World’s Top 20 Electric Passenger Car Brands, 2015H1
Sales Volume of Electric Passenger Cars (EV&PHEV) Worldwide, 2011-2020E
Sales Volume of Electric Vehicles in the United States (by Auto Model), 2013-2015H1
Sales Volume of Electric Vehicles in Europe (by Auto Model), 2013-2015H1
Sales Volume of Electric Vehicles in Japan (by Auto Model), 2013-2015H1
Output and Sales Volume of Electric Vehicles in China, 2010-2015
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Sales Volume of Electric Passenger Cars (EV&PHEV) in China, 2011-2020E
Sales Volume of New Energy Passenger Cars (EV &PHEV) in China, Jan-Dec.2015
Output of New Energy Commercial Vehicles in China, Jan-Dec.2015
Electric Vehicle Promotion Program in China, 2014-2015
Output of New Energy Buses in China, Jan-Dec.2015
Output of Battery Electric Trucks in China, Jan-Dec.2015
Sales Volume of Electric Commercial Vehicles (EV & PHEV) in China, 2011-2020E
Umicore’s Financials, 2011-2015H2
Umicore’s Cathode Material Production Bases Worldwide
Umicore’s Operations in China
Umicore’s Offices and Business Distribution in China
Umicore’s Ternary Cathode Material (NCM) R&D Route
Development Course of Nichia
Nichia’s Revenue, 2009-2014
Nichia’s Output of Cathode Materials, 2012 & 2013
L&F’s Total Revenue, 2006-2014
L&F’s Output of Cathode Materials, 2012 & 2013
Toda Kogyo’s Financials, 2012-2015
Structure of Toda Kogyo’s Lithium Battery Cathode Material Products
Performance of Toda Kogyo’s Ternary Cathode Material Products
BASF’s Global Integrated Network and Production Bases
BASF’s Layout and Distribution of Production Bases in China
BASF’s Financials, 2011-2015
BASF’s Key Ternary Cathode Material Products
BASF’s Cathode Material Research and Production Bases Worldwide
BASF’s Research Priorities and Methods of Ternary Cathode Materials
Comparison of BASF’s Ni-MH Batteries and Lead-acid Batteries
SMM’s Financials, 2012-2015
SMM’s Revenue Structure, FY2015
SMM’s Material Business Layout Worldwide
Organization Structure of Ningbo Shanshan in New Energy Field
Operating Results of Hunan Shanshan Advanced Material, 2009-2014
Cathode Material Product Lines of Hunan Shanshan Advanced Material
Physical and Chemical Indexes of Major Products of Hunan Shanshan Advanced Material
Performance Forecast of Ningbo Shanshan, 2012-2017E
Joint-stock and Shareholding Companies of Beijing Easpring Material Technology
Development Course of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 1992-2015
Operating Results of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2009-2015
Revenue Structure of Beijing Easpring Material Technology (by Products), 2015H2
Revenue Structure of Beijing Easpring Material Technology (by Regions), 2015H2
Major Global Clients of Beijing Easpring Material Technology for Small-sized Cathode Material Products
Sales Volume of Ternary Cathode Materials of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2011-2016E
Performance Forecast of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2015-2017E
Operating Results of Xiamen Tungsten, 2009-2015
Revenue Structure of Xiamen Tungsten (by Products), 2015H2
Capacity Planning of Xiamen Tungsten, 2016E
Performance Forecast of Xiamen Tungsten, 2016-2017E
Development Route of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech, 2001-2016
Operating Results of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech, 2009-2015H3
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech (by Products), 2015H2
Current Capacity of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech
Ternary Cathode Material Business Revenue of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech, 2012-2014
Performance Forecast of Shenzhen Green Eco-manufacture Hi-tech, 2016-2017E
Lithium Battery Industry Chain of Fujian Zhonghe
Development History of Fujian Zhonghe’s Lithium Battery Business
Operating Results of Fujian Zhonghe, 2009-2015H3
Revenue Structure of Fujian Zhonghe (by Products), 2015H2
Lithium Battery Material Product Capacity and Planning of Fujian Zhonghe
Performance Forecast of Fujian Zhonghe, 2016-2017E
Operating Results of Kingray New Materials Science & Technology, 2009-2015H3
Revenue Structure of Kingray New Materials Science & Technology (by Products), 2015H2
Capacity Details of Kingray New Materials Science & Technology
Performance Forecast of Kingray New Materials Science & Technology, 2016-2017E
Capacity Details of Ningbo Jinhe New Materials Co., Ltd.
Operating Results of Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology, 2013-2015H2
Output of Ternary Cathode Materials of Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology, 2016-2017E
Performance Forecast of Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology, 2015-2017E
Operating Results of Xinxiang Tianli Energy Material, 2013-2015H1
Revenue Structure of Xinxiang Tianli Energy Material (by Products), 2014
Output of Xinxiang Tianli Energy Material, 2015-2017E
Performance Forecast of Xinxiang Tianli Energy Material, 2015-2017E
Revenue Structure of Henan Kelong New Energy, 2013
Capacity Details of Ternary Cathode Materials of Henan Kelong New Energy
Performance Forecast (Battery Material Business) of Henan Kelong New Energy, 2015-2017E
Product Features of PU50A
Product Features of PU50B
Operating Results of Panasonic, FY2008/09-FY2013/14
R&D Expenditure of Panasonic, FY2008/09-FY2013/14
Revenue Structure of Panasonic (by Segment), 2012-2014
Operating Income Structure of Panasonic (by Segment), 2012-2014
Revenue Structure of Panasonic (by Region), 2014
Technical Parameters of Panasonic’s NCA 18650 Cell for Tesla
Development Plan of Panasonic’s Automotive Batteries, 2013-2019E
Development Plan of Panasonic’s Automotive Division, 2013-2019E
Development Plans of Panasonic’s Business Divisions, 2013-2019E
Electric Vehicles Supported by Panasonic’s Lithium Power Batteries
Tesla EV Delivery, 2010-2016
Panasonic’s Shipment of Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2011-2015
Equity Structure of AESC, 2014
Cost Structure of AESC’s BEV Cell Materials
Battery Module Structure of AESC’s Lithium Power Battery
Specifications and Serial & Parallel Connection Modes of AESC’s High-capacity Power Batteries
Performance Parameters of AESC’s High-capacity Power Batteries
Specifications and Serial & Parallel Connection Modes of AESC’s High-power Batteries
Performance Parameters of AESC’s High-power Batteries
AESC’s Power Battery System Solutions
Electric Vehicles Supported by AESC’s Lithium Power Batteries
AESC’s Shipment of Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2011-2015
Equity Structure of LEJ, 2014
Specifications of LEJ’s Lithium Power Batteries
Electric Vehicles Supported by LEJ’s Lithium Power Batteries
LEJ’s Shipment of Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2011-2015
Equity Structure of LGC, 2014
Operating Results of LGC, 2007-2015H1
Revenue Breakdown of LGC by Regions, 2014
Cost Structure of LGC’s PHEV Cell Materials
LGC Road Map for HEV LIB Technology
LGC Road Map for PHEV LIB Technology
LGC Road Map for EV LIB Technology
LGC’s Lithium Business Development and Prospects
Operating Results of LGCPI (LG Chem Power Inc), 2010-2014
Operating Results of HL Green Power, 2010-2014
Operating Results of LGC’s Battery Business, 2013Q1-2015Q2
Electric Vehicles Supported by LGC’s Lithium Power Batteries
Administrative Organs of LGC in China
LGC’s Production and Marketing Network in China
LGC’s Shipment of Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2012-2015
Equity Structure of SDI, 2014
Operating Results of SDI, 2008-2015H1
Revenue Breakdown of SDI by Regions, 2014
SDIRoad Map for xEV LIB Technology
Technical Performance of SDI’s Lithium Power Battery Cell
Operating Results of SDI, 2007-2015H1
SDI’s Battery Shipment and ASP, 2007-2014
SDI’s Revenue from Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2013Q1-2014Q4
Electric Vehicles Supported by SDI’s Lithium Power Batteries
SDI’s Shipment of Power and Energy Storage Batteries, 2012-2015
Main Subsidiaries under SKI
Electric Vehicles Supported by SKI’s Lithium Power Batteries
Equity Structure of BESK (SKI’s Joint Venture in China)
Basic Information of BESK (SKI’s Joint Venture in China)
Technical Parameters of BESK’s Lithium Power Batteries
Specifications of Li-Tec’s High-capacity Power Battery
Performance Parameters of Li-Tec’s High-capacity Power Battery
Li-tec’s Power Battery Plant in Landkreis Kamenz, Germany
Equity Structure of Tianjin Lishen
Operating Results of Tianjin Lishen, 2011-2015H1
Cell Technology Roadmap of Tianjin Lishen
Battery Pack (Module) Technology Roadmap of Tianjin Lishen
Performance Parameters of Spiral Cell of Tianjin Lishen
Performance Parameters of Laminated Cell of Tianjin Lishen
Performance Parameters of Polymer Cell of Tianjin Lishen
Technical Parameters of Battery Cell of Tianjin Lishen
Power Battery Clients of Tianjin Lishen
Performance Parameters of Power Battery Pack (Module) of Tianjin Lishen
Lithium Battery Capacity of Tianjin Lishen, 2000-2015
Power Battery Investment Plan of Tianjin Lishen, 2012-2015
Operating Results of ATL, 2008-2014
Basic Information of ATL-QH
Clients Supported by ATL’s Power and Small-sized Batteries
ATL’s Power Battery Suppliers
ATL’s Battery Output and Utilization, 2012-2014
ATL’s Capacity Layout of Power and Small-sized Batteries (by the end of 2014)
ATL’s Power and Energy Storage Battery Business Revenue and Prices, 2012-2014
ATL’s Revenue from Small-sized Lithium Battery, 2008-2014
ATL’s Shipment of Small-sized Lithium Batteries, 2008-2014
Operating Results of China BAK Battery, 2008-2015H1
Revenue Structure of China BAK Battery by Regions, 2009-2014
R&D Investment of China BAK Battery, 2010-2015H1
Technical Parameters of China BAK Battery’s Power Battery Cell
Basic Information of BAK International (Tianjin)
Basic Information of Dalian BAK Power Battery
Lithium Battery Revenue of China BAK Battery, 2009-2015H1
Power Battery Investment Plan of China BAK Battery, 2013-2015
Revenue and Gross Margin of Sinopoly Battery, 2011-2015H1
Net Income of Sinopoly Battery, 2011-2015H1
Technical Parameters of Sinopoly Battery’s Power Cell
Operating Results of CITIC GUOAN Mengguli, 2009-2015H1
Technical Parameters of Cathode Materials of CITIC GUOAN Mengguli
Technical Parameters of Power Battery Module of CITIC GUOAN Mengguli
Equity Structure of China Aviation Lithium Battery, 2014
Operating Results of China Aviation Lithium Battery, 2010-2014
BEV BMS of China Aviation Lithium Battery
Battery Product Certifications of China Aviation Lithium Battery
Global Marketing Network of China Aviation Lithium Battery
Major Customers of China Aviation Lithium Battery

Analysis on Xpeng’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, 2023

Research on Xpeng’s layout in electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing: in the innovation-driven rapid development, secured orders for 100 flying cars.     NIO, Xp...

Automotive Cockpit SoC Research Report, 2024

Automotive Cockpit SoC Research: Automakers quicken their pace of buying SoCs, and the penetration of domestic cockpit SoCs will soar Mass production of local cockpit SoCs is accelerating, and the l...

Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Report, 2024

Integrated Die Casting Research: adopted by nearly 20 OEMs, integrated die casting gains popularity.  Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina summari...

China Passenger Car Cockpit Multi/Dual Display Research Report, 2023-2024

In intelligent cockpit era, cockpit displays head in the direction of more screens, larger size, better looking, more convenient interaction and better experience. Simultaneously, the conventional “on...

Automotive Microcontroller Unit (MCU) Industry Report, 2024

With policy support, the localization rate of automotive MCU will surge. Chinese electric vehicle companies are quickening their pace of purchasing domestic chips to reduce their dependence on impor...

Automotive Digital Key Industry Trends Research Report, 2024

Automotive Digital Key Industry Trends Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina highlights the following: Forecast for automotive digital key market;Digital key standard specifications and co...

Automotive XR (VR/AR/MR) Industry Report, 2024

Automotive XR (Extended Reality) is an innovative technology that integrates VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) technologies into vehicle systems. It can bring drivers...

OEMs’ Next-generation In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Trends Report, 2024

OEMs’ Next-generation In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Trends Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina systematically analyzes the iteration process of IVI systems of mainstream automakers in Chin...

Global and China Automotive Lighting System Research Report, 2023-2024

Installations of intelligent headlights and interior lighting systems made steady growth. From 2019 to 2023, the installations of intelligent headlights and interior lighting systems grew steadily. I...

Automotive Display, Center Console and Cluster Industry Report, 2024

Automotive display has become a hotspot major automakers compete for to create personalized and differentiated vehicle models. To improve users' driving experience and meet their needs for human-compu...

Global and China Passenger Car T-Box Market Report, 2024

Global and China Passenger Car T-Box Market Report, 2024 combs and summarizes the overall global and Chinese passenger car T-Box markets and the status quo of independent, centralized, V2X, and 5G T-B...

AI Foundation Models’ Impacts on Vehicle Intelligent Design and Development Research Report, 2024

AI foundation models are booming. The launch of ChapGPT and SORA is shocking. Scientists and entrepreneurs at AI frontier point out that AI foundation models will rebuild all walks of life, especially...

Analysis on Geely's Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing

Geely, one of the leading automotive groups in China, makes comprehensive layout in electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing. Geely boasts more than ten brands. In 2023, it sold a tota...

48V Low-voltage Power Distribution Network (PDN) Architecture Industry Report, 2024

Automotive low-voltage PDN architecture evolves from 12V to 48V system. Since 1950, the automotive industry has introduced the 12V system to power lighting, entertainment, electronic control units an...

Automotive Ultrasonic Radar and OEMs’ Parking Route Research Report, 2024

1. Over 220 million ultrasonic radars will be installed in 2028. In recent years, the installations of ultrasonic radars in passenger cars in China surged, up to 121.955 million units in 2023, jumpin...

Automotive AI Foundation Model Technology and Application Trends Report, 2023-2024

Since 2023 ever more vehicle models have begun to be connected with foundation models, and an increasing number of Tier1s have launched automotive foundation model solutions. Especially Tesla’s big pr...

Qualcomm 8295 Based Cockpit Domain Controller Dismantling Analysis Report

ResearchInChina dismantled 8295-based cockpit domain controller of an electric sedan launched in December 2023, and produced the report SA8295P Series Based Cockpit Domain Controller Analysis and Dism...

Global and China Automotive Comfort System (Seating system, Air Conditioning System) Research Report, 2024

Automotive comfort systems include seating system, air conditioning system, soundproof system and chassis suspension to improve comfort of drivers and passengers. This report highlights seating system...

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