Global and China Automotive LCD Cluster and Center Console Industry Report, 2021
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Cluster and center console display research: how Chinese manufacturers scramble for Mini LED/Micro LE market

The surging demand for intelligent and connected vehicles, in-vehicle infotainment systems and navigation systems among others gives a big boost to the automotive display market. The statistics from our automotive database show that in 2020 China shipped more than 35 million sets of passenger car displays (cluster, center console, entertainment display, HUD, etc.), up over 4% more than in the previous year.

仪表 1_副本.png

Large-size display and multi-screen display hold the trend for automotive displays.
Automotive display is a key booster to the digital transformation of automotive cockpits. The better performance of on-board computers enables the central computing unit to support LCD cluster, high-resolution infotainment display, HUD, electronic rearview mirror and other display systems, and provides technical support for multi-display systems.

From the new models launched in recent two years, it can be seen that large-size display and multi-screen display have been trends for automotive displays. High-end models have begun to pack at least 4 displays. Products like co-pilot seat entertainment display, control display, rear row entertainment display and streaming media rearview mirror have started finding application, and the demand for large-size displays has been soaring.

Large-size display

The installation of clusters shows that about 60% of new vehicles carry LCD clusters. In the first three quarters of 2021, 6.544 million LCD clusters were installed in passenger cars, a like-on-like spurt of 44.5%, of which 12.0-inch (incl.) to 13.0-inch (excl.) LCD clusters were most installed, up to 2.512 million units, up by 35.0%, and 10.0-inch (incl.) to 12.0-inch (excl.) LCD clusters grew at the fastest pace with the installations rocketing by 173.8% to 1.186 million units.

Through the lens of installation in mass-produced models, most new models launched in 2021 are equipped with larger than 10-inch LCD clusters.

仪表 2_副本.png

From center console displays, it can be seen that the installations of large-size ones have surged. In the first three quarters of 2021, 8.0-inch to 9.0-inch center console displays were most installed, up to 4.016 million units, up by 4.3% from the prior-year period, but with the proportion of the total center console display installations down 4.2 percentage points; the installations of 13.0-inch to 15.0-inch center console displays proliferated by 250.6%; that of 15.0-inch and above center console displays multiplied by 204.0%.

Multi-screen display

Cockpit electronics are heading in the direction of multi-display integration. Early in 2019, emerging carmakers have rolled out mass-produced models like LiXiang One and ENOVATE ME7 with 4 and even 5-screen displays. Traditional OEMs also step up efforts to deploy, having introduced multi-screen display products since 2020. 

仪表 3.png

FAW Hongqi H9 unveiled in August 2020 bears dashboard, center console, and co-pilot seat entertainment displays, 2 rear row entertainment displays, and HUD. In addition, it also packs an electronic image acquisition and display system (i.e., streaming media rearview mirror) which consists of digital camera, image processing and high-definition digital display. The system uses the rear camera to project images onto the display, and displays them on the rearview mirror in digital format.

Great Wall Mecha Dragon introduced in November 2021 is equipped with 10.25-inch dashboard, 27-inch 4K center console display, 25-inch head-up display, two 1.6-inch touch bars, and two rear row capacitive touch screens, as well as external display technology at the rear.

In the future, as standards and regulations are improved, more vehicle displays will be used. For example, in June 2021, Zhejiang Society of Automotive Engineers was approved for release of group standard, the Performance Requirements and Test Methods of Passenger Car Digital Perspective A-pillar System. Neta Auto under Hozon Auto introduced its “transparent A-pillar”-enabled mass-production models with OLED flexible screens as display interfaces. The issuance of this standard will accelerate the application of “transparent A-pillar”.

New display technologies tend to be production-ready.

The soaring demand for vehicle displays give impetus to development of new vehicle display technologies. In current stage, a-Si TFT LCD still prevail in vehicle display market, but advanced display technologies such as LTPS TFT LCD, OLED, mini LED backlight and micro LED are making their way into the market. 

OLED has achieved mass production.

The year of 2020 saw the start of production of automotive OLED. Due to high cost, OLED, often larger than 7.2 inches, is largely used in high-end models, with applications including cluster, center console and copilot seat entertainment displays. Suppliers are led by LGD, Samsung Display and BOE.

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans differ greatly from the previous generations in application of displays, changing the original siamesed center console display into a large waterfall display, a 12.8-inch vertical waterfall OLED screen with resolution of 1888×1728. They also pack a glasses-free 3D full LCD dashboard, HUD and rear row entertainment display, which connect with each other.

仪表 4.png

Mercedes-Benz EQS rolled out overseas in September 2021 features an OLED flexible integrated touch screen that sweeps almost from A-pillar to A-pillar, and adopts innovative technologies like optically clear adhesives (OCA) and On-cell touch control.

仪表 5.png

2021 Cadillac Escalade is equipped with an OLED AR perspective curved display with three screens total – a 7.2-inch driver information display, a 14.2-inch digital dashboard, and a 16.9-inch infotainment screen. Wherein, the cluster option features a large speedometer displaying temperature and time at the left and dynamics at the right. In addition, the display is in night mode where infrared technology is used to observe farther than human eyes.

仪表 6.png

Mini LED comes into mass production.

Mini LED is a necessary transition phase from fine pitch LED to Micro LED. At present, most vehicle display technology companies have deployed Mini LED and Micro LED, and ever more vehicle projects use mini LED backlight technology. One example is Cadillac Lyriq EV in which GM plans to use a 33-inch mini LED backlit display in 2022.

In November 2021, Mecha Dragon, the first model of SL, a high-end brand of Great Wall Motor made a debut at Auto Guangzhou. The Mini-LED external display technology at the rear of this model enables display of user-defined content, the first attempt to apply Mini-LED in cars.

仪表 7.png

Mini LED and Micro LED will be deployed rapidly.

Automotive displays head in the direction of large size and multi-screen integration, and the surging demand creates huge room to grow. Various suppliers are therefore trying hard to deploy innovative technologies such as Mini LED and Micro LED.

仪表 8_副本.png

Tianma Microelectronics: in 2020 it first outran JDI and became the world’s largest vehicle display company in terms of shipments. The company supplies through Tier1s, covering 92% of global customers (top 24 Tier1s) and 100% of Chinese brands (top 10).

Tianma Microelectronics works to deploy Mini LED and Micro LED technologies. Following the on-site exhibition of its self-developed LTPS AM Mini LED HDR display at annual meeting of Society for Information Display (SID) early in 2019, the company showcased its Micro LED technologies online at SID 2021, including 5.04" Splitting ultra-narrow bezel Micro LED, the world’s first 7.56" transparent Micro LED, and innovative technology applications combined with electronic paper.

Moreover, its self-developed Hybrid TFT Display (HTD) technology is in the phase of verification for mass production. The company has deployed HTD on its flexible AMOLED production lines, and will achieve mass production based on the advanced drive and backplane technologies with lower power consumption.

仪表 9.png

HGC Lighting Solutions: the new-generation white light Mini LED vehicle backlight display module features automotive-grade reliability, ultra-thin display body, multi-zone dynamic control, and million-level ultra-high contrast.

This white light Mini LED display module uses automotive chip and self-developed superior ACSP chip-scale packaging technology. By removing the cost of QD and DBEF and upgrading the production process, it not only delivers automotive-grade reliability but cuts 15-25% production cost. The company have spawned and delivered white light Mini LED vehicle display series products and partnered with several well-known automakers.

仪表 10.png

TCL CSOT: in November 2021, TCL CSOT joined hands with Yanfeng to roll out the industry's first under-screen camera-based automotive intelligent display. Combining TCL CSOT’s blind-hole optical design with the smoked black processing method and Yanfeng’s HMI design, the product embeds a camera into backlight hole to enable an integrated under-screen camera solution, that is, the DMS camera is hidden in the display.

The Automotive LCD Cluster and Center Console Display Industry Report, 2021 highlights the following:
20120114.gifAutomotive cluster and center console display (overview, industry chain, industrial policies and standards, market size and competitive pattern, etc.);
20120114.gifChina automotive display market (installation of LCD/HUD/center console/rear seat entertainment displays, display technologies of major suppliers, vehicle display installation schemes of major OEMs, etc.);
20120114.gifVehicle display (installation rate, technology trends, business models, development trends, etc.);
20120114.gifForeign and Chinese vehicle display system solution providers (vehicle display business, vehicle display technology, etc.);
20120114.gifForeign and Chinese vehicle display suppliers (display business, display technology, etc.).

1 Overview of Automotive Center Console and Display
1.1 Automotive Display 
1.1.1 Classification of Automotive Display 
1.1.2 Automotive Display Technologies
1.1.3 Comparison of Automotive Display Technologies
1.1.4 AMOLED Display 
1.1.5 Mini LED Display 
1.1.6 Micro LED Display 
1.2 Automotive Cluster
1.2.1 Overview of Automotive Cluster
1.2.2 Automotive Cluster Assembly
1.2.3 Automotive Cluster Information Display
1.2.4 Classification of Automotive Cluster
1.2.5 Development History of Automotive Cluster
1.2.6 Automotive Cluster Industry Chain Map 
1.2.7 Cluster Display Products of Major Suppliers
1.3 Automotive Center Console Display
1.3.1 Center Console Display Platform
1.3.2 Classification of Center Console Display
1.3.3 Layout of Center Console Display
1.3.4 Center Console Display Products of Major Suppliers

2 Status Quo of Automotive Center Console and Display Market 
2.1 Status Quo of Automotive Display Industry Chain
2.1.1 Automotive Display Industry Chain Map
2.1.2 Upstream Sectors of Automotive Display
2.1.3 Downstream Sectors of Automotive Display 
2.2 Policies and Standards for Automotive Display Industry
2.2.1 Policies 
2.2.2 Standards
2.2.3 Release of the Performance Requirements and Test Methods of Passenger Car Digital Perspective A-pillar System
2.3 Automotive Display Market Size and Competitive Pattern 
2.3.1 Global Automotive Display Panel Shipments
2.3.2 Global Automotive Display Panel Shipments by Segment
2.3.3 Competitive Pattern of Global Automotive Display Panel Market 
2.3.4 Competitive Pattern of Global Cluster and Center Console Tier1s
2.3.5 Competitive Pattern of China’s Automotive Display Market
2.3.6 Competition Pattern of China's LCD Cluster Market
2.3.7 The Share of Chinese Manufacturers in Automotive Display Market is Rising

3 Installation of Automotive Center Console and Display 
3.1 Installation of Automotive Display in China
3.1.1 Installations of Passenger Car OEM Displays (by Purpose) in China, 2019-2021 
3.1.2 Installation Rate of Passenger Car Displays (by Type) in China, 2019-2021 
3.2 Installation of Passenger Car LCD Cluster Display 
3.2.1 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car LCD Clusters in China, 2020-2021
3.2.2 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car LCD Clusters (by Price) in China, 2021
3.2.3 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car LCD Clusters (by Size) in China, 2021
3.2.4 TOP20 Passenger Car Models with LCD Clusters in China, 2021
3.3 Installation of Passenger Car Center Console Displays
3.3.1 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car Center Console Displays in China, 2020-2021
3.3.2 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car Center Console Displays (by Size) in China, 2021 
3.3.3 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car Center Console Displays (by Price) in China, 2021  
3.4 Installation of Passenger Car HUDs
3.4.1 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car HUDs (by Type) in China, 2020-2021
3.4.2 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car HUDs (by Vehicle Price) in China, 2021
3.4.3 TOP20 Passenger Car Models by HUD Installations in China, 2021 
3.5 Installation of Passenger Car Rear Seat Entertainment Displays
3.5.1 Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Car Rear Seat Entertainment Systems in China, 2020-2021 
3.5.2 Installations of Passenger Car Rear Seat Entertainment Systems (by Price) in China, 2021 
3.6 Automotive Display Technologies of Suppliers 
3.6.1 Major Suppliers’ Deployments in Automotive Display Technology
3.6.2 Layout of Automotive Display Solution Suppliers  
3.6.3 Automotive Display Product Lines of Major Suppliers
3.6.4 Main Cluster Display Solutions of Tier1s (1) 
3.6.5 Main Cluster Display Solutions of Tier1s (2)
3.6.6 Main Center Console Display Solutions of Tier1s 
3.6.7 Main Intelligent Rearview Mirror Solutions of Tier1s
3.6.8 Main Dual Display Solutions of Foreign Tier1s
3.6.9 Main Dual Display Solutions of Chinese Tier1s
3.6.10 Display Technologies of Major Suppliers (1)
3.6.11 Suppliers Reduce Investments in LCD Panel Production Lines and Focus on New Areas Like MiniLED/Micro LED
3.7 Automotive Display Installation Schemes of OEMs
3.7.1 Status Quo of Automotive Displays of OEMs 
3.7.2 Installation of Automotive Clusters of OEMs
3.7.3 Installation of Dual Displays of OEMs
3.7.8 Display Layout of NIO ET7
3.7.9 Display Layout of DearCC ME71

4 Development Trends of Automotive Center Console and Display
4.1 Installation Trends of Automotive Displays 
4.1.1 Future Digital Cockpits Will Pack Multiple Display Interfaces
4.1.2 Main Application Markets of Automotive Displays
4.1.3 Main Cockpit Display Products
4.1.4 Large-size Display 
4.1.5 Multi-screen Display
4.1.6 Future Trend Towards Multi-screen Integration
4.1.7 Trends for Siamesed Display: Cluster and Center Console Integration 
4.1.8 Trends for Siamesed Display: Triple Display
4.1.9 Curved Display
4.1.10 Introduction of Electronic Rearview Mirror 
4.1.11 Multi-function Integration Solutions
4.2 Automotive Display Technology Trends 
4.2.1 Development Trends of Automotive Display Technology 
4.2.2 The Mainstream Display Technology Is Still a-Si TFT LCD
4.2.3 Development Trends of Automotive OLED Display
4.2.4 OLED Mass-produced for High-end Models (1) 
4.2.5 OLED Mass-produced for High-end Models (2)
4.2.6 Automotive Mini LED Display Is Production-ready (1)
4.2.7 Automotive Mini LED Display Is Production-ready (2) 
4.2.8 Micro LED Display Has Become A Development Direction of Automotive Displays
4.2.9 Advantages of Micro LED in Automotive Display
4.2.10 Application of Non-air-gap Technology
4.2.11 Conceptual Curved Polymorphic Display (1)
4.2.12 Conceptual Curved Polymorphic Display (2)
4.2.13 Special-shaped Display
4.3 Trends of Software and Hardware Separation Business Models
4.3.1 Software and Hardware Separation Brings New Business Models
4.3.2 Business Logic of Automotive Display
4.3.3 Market Entry Strategies of New Automotive Display Players

5 Global Automotive Display System Solution Providers 
5.1 Continental 
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Business Plan
5.1.3 Automotive Business 
5.1.4 Intelligent Cockpit Products
5.1.5 SOP Plan for Center Console Display Products
5.1.6 Main Center Console Display Products
5.1.7 Display Solution: Curved AMOLED Display 
5.1.8 Control Display: Haptic Interaction Surfaces
5.1.9 SOP Plan for Cluster Products
5.1.10 Main Cluster Products
5.1.11 Share in Global Cluster Market
5.1.12 Digitally Integrated Large AMOLED Screen Instrument Cluster
5.1.13 3D Lightfield Instrument Cluster and 3D Navigation
5.1.14 SOP Plan for HUD Products 
5.1.15 HUD Product Lines (1) 
5.1.16 HUD Product Lines (2)
5.1.17 Integration of AR-HUD with ADAS and V2X Communication 
5.1.18 Recommendation of TFT-based AR HUD in China
5.2 Denso
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Sales (by Product/Customer) 
5.2.3 SOP Plan for Cluster and Center Console Products
5.2.4 Cluster Products
5.2.5 Cluster Production Bases
5.2.6 Center Console Displays
5.2.7 Dual Curved OLED Display
5.2.8 SOP Plan for HUD Products
5.2.9 Main HUD Customers
5.2.10 Market Share of HUD in China
5.2.11 R&D Ideas for Next Generation HUDs
5.3 Visteon
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Major Customers
5.3.3 Revenue from Clusters and Displays
5.3.4 SOP Plan for Automotive Display Products
5.3.5 Cluster Business
5.3.6 Cluster Products
5.3.7 Glasses-free 3D Cluster
5.3.8 Display Business
5.3.9 Features of Displays
5.3.10 Yanfeng Visteon Supplies the Industry's Largest Vehicle Display to Ford 
5.3.11 Flexible Display Cockpit Solution
5.3.12 Sensor-UX Display
5.3.13 OLED eMirror
5.3.14 Curved Display System
5.3.15 microZone Display Technology
5.3.16 DICore?
5.3.17 RenderCore?
5.3.18 Development Plan for Cockpit Displays 
5.4 Bosch
5.4.1 Profile 
5.4.2 Car Multimedia Division
5.4.3 Business Plan for Automotive Display
5.4.4 Full LCD Cluster 
5.4.5 Curved Cluster
5.4.6 Glasses-free 3D Display
5.4.7 Virtual Visor
5.4.8 Electronic Rearview Mirror
5.5 Faurecia
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Business of Faurecia Clarion Electronics 
5.5.3 2025 Development Plan of Faurecia Clarion Electronics
5.5.4 2025 Development Plan for Automotive Displays  
5.5.5 Enhancing Display Technology through Acquisitions
5.5.6 SOP Plan for Center Console Display Products
5.5.7 Provide Vehicle Display Customization Service
5.5.8 Display Business
5.5.9 Cold-rolled Integrated Display
5.5.10 Display Business: Electronic Rearview Mirror
5.5.11 Cooperation with CANATU to Develop 3D Touch Display & 3D Touch Knob
5.5.12 Application of Cluster and Center Console
5.6 Nippon Seiki
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Cockpit Business Plan
5.6.4 Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Integrated Cluster
5.6.5 OLED Display
5.6.6 Display Technology
5.6.7 Multi-layer Image HUD
5.6.8 HUD Business
5.7 Marelli
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 3D Digital Cluster and Glasses-free 3D Cluster
5.7.3 Intelligent Cockpit Controllers
5.7.4 Janus Multi-Display e-Cockpit with Hypervisor Technology
5.7.5 Display Technology
5.8 Yazaki
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Main Products
5.8.3 Cluster and Display Business
5.8.4 Main Cluster Products
5.9 Aptiv
5.9.1 LCD Cluster/3D Multi Layer Display (3D MLD)
5.9.2 Showcased AR-HUD-enabled Intelligent Cockpit Together with Raythink 
5.10 Desay SV
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Driving Information Display Business
5.10.3 Main Customers of Driving Information Display 
5.10.4 Automotive Display Delivery Volume, 2017-2021  
5.10.5 Development Trends of Automotive Display Products
5.10.6 New Multi-screen Interaction Products Business
5.10.7 High-end Display Technology
5.10.8 Non-air-gap Technology
5.10.9 Deployments in Other Vehicle Display Technologies
5.10.10 To Integrate Cockpit Big Data 
5.11 Huizhou Foryou General Electronics
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Automotive Electronics Product Lines
5.11.3 Intelligent Cockpits
5.11.4 ClusterDA That Integrates the Functions of Cluster and IVI System
5.11.5 Floating Intelligent Rotating Display
5.11.6 Electronic Rearview Mirror
5.11.7 Streaming Media Rearview Mirror
5.12 Autoio Technology
5.12.1 Profile 
5.12.2 Full LCD Cluster Products
5.12.3 Full LCD Cluster Products and Supported Models
5.13 Autorock Electronics
5.13.1 Profile
5.13.2 Main Cluster Products
5.14 Hangsheng Electronics
5.14.1 Profile
5.14.2 Deployments in Intelligent Cockpit 
5.15 Infortronic Automotive Systems 
5.15.1 Profile
5.15.2 Dual 12.3-inch Through-type Full LCD Cluster
5.15.3 12.3-inch Full LCD Cluster for Commercial Vehicles
5.16 Willing Technology
5.16.1 Profile
5.16.2 Development Plan
5.16.3 Vehicle Dual Display (1)
5.16.4 Vehicle Dual Display (2)
5.16.5 Streaming Media Rearview Mirror

6 Global Automotive Display Suppliers
6.1 JDI
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Business Layout
6.1.3 Global Presence and Production Bases
6.1.4 Operation
6.1.5 Automotive Display Business
6.2 LGD
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Automotive Display Products
6.2.3 Development Course of Automotive Display Products 
6.2.4 Development of Automotive OLED Panels
6.2.5 Automotive Flexible P-OLED Display
6.2.6 Application of Automotive Flexible P-OLED Display: Mercedes-Benz S Class
6.2.7 Application of Displays – Tesla Model 3 15-inch LCD Display Technology
6.2.8 Application of Displays – Tesla Model 3 15-inch LCD Display Parameters (1)
6.2.9 Application of Displays – Tesla Model 3 15-inch LCD Display Parameters (2)
6.2.10 Application of Displays – Tesla Model 3 15-inch LCD Display Parameters (3)
6.2.11 Application of Displays - Hyundai Azera
6.2.12 FHD Glasses-free 3D Digital Dashboard
6.2.13 Integrated Display System
6.3 Tianma Microelectronics 
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Automotive Display Business
6.3.3 Parameters of Cluster Display Products
6.3.4 Parameters of Center Console Display Products
6.3.5 Parameters of Rearview Mirror Display Products
6.3.6 Automotive Display Products
6.3.7 Launched New Automotive Display Products
6.3.8 Accelerate the Layout of Medium-size Automotive Products
6.3.9 Micro LED Display Technology
6.3.10 Latest Deployments in Display Technology 
6.4 BOE
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Display Panel Production Lines and Capacity Distribution
6.4.3 Automotive Display Business
6.4.4 Automotive Display Technology
6.4.5 Automotive Display Products (1)
6.4.6 Automotive Display Products (2)
6.4.7 Set Up An Automotive Display Production Base in Chengdu
6.4.8 BOE Varitronix Limited
6.4.9 Automotive Display Products of BOE Varitronix
6.4.10 Passive Technology of BOE Varitronix
6.4.11 Backplane Technology of BOE Varitronix
6.5 AU Optronics
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Display Shipments
6.5.3 Automotive Display Business
6.5.4 Automotive Display Products
6.5.5 Micro LED Vehicle Display
6.5.6 Rearview Mirror Display
6.5.7 Transformation into a Vehicle Service Integrator
6.6 Innolux
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Deployments in Automotive Display
6.6.4 Automotive Display Products
6.6.5 AM mini LED Vehicle Panels
6.7 Visionox
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Automotive Display Products
6.7.3 Infinite ∞ Multi-screen Interaction 
6.7.4 "Transparent" A-pillar Flexible Display
6.8.1 Deployments in Automotive Display 
6.8.2 Mini LED Display
6.8.3 Vehicle Display with Under-screen Camera
6.9 InfoVision Optoelectronics
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Automotive Display Business
6.10 Others
6.10.1 Sharp's Automotive Display Business
6.10.2 HGC Lighting Solutions Mass Produced Automotive White Light Mini LED Backlight Display Module
6.10.3 CPT Technology’s Deployments in Automotive Display
6.10.4 HannStar Display’s Deployments in Automotive Display

Analysis on Xpeng’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, 2023

Research on Xpeng’s layout in electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing: in the innovation-driven rapid development, secured orders for 100 flying cars.     NIO, Xp...

Automotive Cockpit SoC Research Report, 2024

Automotive Cockpit SoC Research: Automakers quicken their pace of buying SoCs, and the penetration of domestic cockpit SoCs will soar Mass production of local cockpit SoCs is accelerating, and the l...

Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Report, 2024

Integrated Die Casting Research: adopted by nearly 20 OEMs, integrated die casting gains popularity.  Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina summari...

China Passenger Car Cockpit Multi/Dual Display Research Report, 2023-2024

In intelligent cockpit era, cockpit displays head in the direction of more screens, larger size, better looking, more convenient interaction and better experience. Simultaneously, the conventional “on...

Automotive Microcontroller Unit (MCU) Industry Report, 2024

With policy support, the localization rate of automotive MCU will surge. Chinese electric vehicle companies are quickening their pace of purchasing domestic chips to reduce their dependence on impor...

Automotive Digital Key Industry Trends Research Report, 2024

Automotive Digital Key Industry Trends Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina highlights the following: Forecast for automotive digital key market;Digital key standard specifications and co...

Automotive XR (VR/AR/MR) Industry Report, 2024

Automotive XR (Extended Reality) is an innovative technology that integrates VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) technologies into vehicle systems. It can bring drivers...

OEMs’ Next-generation In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Trends Report, 2024

OEMs’ Next-generation In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Trends Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina systematically analyzes the iteration process of IVI systems of mainstream automakers in Chin...

Global and China Automotive Lighting System Research Report, 2023-2024

Installations of intelligent headlights and interior lighting systems made steady growth. From 2019 to 2023, the installations of intelligent headlights and interior lighting systems grew steadily. I...

Automotive Display, Center Console and Cluster Industry Report, 2024

Automotive display has become a hotspot major automakers compete for to create personalized and differentiated vehicle models. To improve users' driving experience and meet their needs for human-compu...

Global and China Passenger Car T-Box Market Report, 2024

Global and China Passenger Car T-Box Market Report, 2024 combs and summarizes the overall global and Chinese passenger car T-Box markets and the status quo of independent, centralized, V2X, and 5G T-B...

AI Foundation Models’ Impacts on Vehicle Intelligent Design and Development Research Report, 2024

AI foundation models are booming. The launch of ChapGPT and SORA is shocking. Scientists and entrepreneurs at AI frontier point out that AI foundation models will rebuild all walks of life, especially...

Analysis on Geely's Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing

Geely, one of the leading automotive groups in China, makes comprehensive layout in electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing. Geely boasts more than ten brands. In 2023, it sold a tota...

48V Low-voltage Power Distribution Network (PDN) Architecture Industry Report, 2024

Automotive low-voltage PDN architecture evolves from 12V to 48V system. Since 1950, the automotive industry has introduced the 12V system to power lighting, entertainment, electronic control units an...

Automotive Ultrasonic Radar and OEMs’ Parking Route Research Report, 2024

1. Over 220 million ultrasonic radars will be installed in 2028. In recent years, the installations of ultrasonic radars in passenger cars in China surged, up to 121.955 million units in 2023, jumpin...

Automotive AI Foundation Model Technology and Application Trends Report, 2023-2024

Since 2023 ever more vehicle models have begun to be connected with foundation models, and an increasing number of Tier1s have launched automotive foundation model solutions. Especially Tesla’s big pr...

Qualcomm 8295 Based Cockpit Domain Controller Dismantling Analysis Report

ResearchInChina dismantled 8295-based cockpit domain controller of an electric sedan launched in December 2023, and produced the report SA8295P Series Based Cockpit Domain Controller Analysis and Dism...

Global and China Automotive Comfort System (Seating system, Air Conditioning System) Research Report, 2024

Automotive comfort systems include seating system, air conditioning system, soundproof system and chassis suspension to improve comfort of drivers and passengers. This report highlights seating system...

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