Leading Tier1 Suppliers’ Intelligent Cockpit Business Research Report,2023 (Chinese Players)
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Research on tier 1 suppliers’ cockpit business: new innovative intelligent cockpit products highlight multi-domain integration, multimodal interaction, and ever higher functional integration.

Following the market trend, work to develop new-generation cockpit computing platforms, and lay out products such as cockpit-driving integrated products and even central computing platforms.

In the past two years, closely following the development trend of the intelligent vehicle market, quite a few Tier 1 suppliers including Neusoft Group, Yuanfeng Technology, Desay SV, ThunderSoft, Joynext, PATEO CONNECT+, ECARX, Bosch, Aptiv, and Visteon have worked to deploy new-generation cockpit products. Based on the mass-produced intelligent cockpit computing platforms like Qualcomm 8155, they have also vigorously made layout of new-generation intelligent cockpit computing platform products based on higher-performance cockpit chips such as Qualcomm 8295 and AMD Ryzen, and are expected to start volume production of these products in 2023.

Neusoft Group developed and introduced the future-oriented vehicle HMI platform Neusoft C5 in 2022, and also released an upgraded version in 2023. The new vehicle HMI platform still uses the pluggable, expandable hardware architecture design where one basic board, two function boards and one expansion board are combined via uniform interfaces. While improving the computing power, Neusoft C5 enables efficient integration of basic vehicle functions, gateways, body control, intelligent cockpit, and other extended functions. In software’s term, it implements the scene engine through service-oriented architecture (SOA), providing immersive and personalized scene experiences for the vehicle entertainment system.  

座舱Tier 1-1.png

Not only that, based on the 4th-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms as well, Neusoft makes more use of its advanced software and hardware architecture design capabilities and achieves multi-ECU and multi-domain integration, so as to develop its next-generation intelligent cockpit platform. Only one chip is used to support the deployment and application of 16-channel cameras, 12-channel ultrasonic radars, and more screens, and achieve upgrade of intelligent cockpits in all aspects such as computing power, leading configuration, entertainment, security, function, and hardware. While improving the interior interaction, comfort and safety for users, the platform helps automakers cut costs and improve efficiency. New cars equipped with this product are expected to be available on market in September 2023.

座舱Tier 1-2.png

Moreover, multi-domain integrated products such as cockpit-parking integrated and cockpit-driving integrated products have also been introduced in recent two years, and some of them have been mass-produced and installed in vehicles. In 2022, Yuanfeng Technology’s team developed the Cockpit-Parking Integrated Solution 1.0, an intelligent cockpit platform that uses a Qualcomm 8155 SoC to support the deployment and use of 4 cameras, multiple screens and 12 radars, and integrates the capability baseline of Intelligent Cockpit 1.0 and Super Park 1.0 (AVM+APA). Wherein, the Super Park 1.0 delivers a parking space recognition accuracy of 97% and a parking success rate of 95%, covers more than 180 types of mainstream parking spots, and supports head-in parking; for unconventional parking spaces, the custom AR parking allows users to deal with in stride. 

Yuanfeng Technology's Cockpit-Parking Integrated Solution 1.0 was first mounted on Hycan A06 in late 2022. By 2024, there will be 6 models packing the solution to be marketed. 

The capabilities of Yuanfeng Technology's Cockpit-Parking Integrated Solution 2.0 will also be developed, and delivered via OTA updates. The Cockpit-Parking Integrated Solution 2.0 will deploy a vehicle voice GPT model, build in a more realistic and easy-to-use 3D UI, and upgrade to lane-level high-definition navigation; the Super Park 2.0 will further optimize AVM/APA performance, reducing the average parking time to less than 35s, increasing the parking success rate to 97%, and upgrading the AVP function.

Meanwhile, Yuanfeng Technology will announce its cockpit-driving-parking integrated solution in 2024. In addition to the capability baseline of Intelligent Cockpit 2.0 and Super Park 2.0, this solution will add multiple ADAS functions in rigid demand, such as ACC, LCC, AEB, and BSD.  

座舱Tier 1-3.png

New vehicle display technologies such as optical display, hidden display and recognizable display are applied to vehicles.

Vehicle display is the core product for cockpit visual interaction. With continuous upgrade in quantity, size and technology, new vehicle display technologies and products mushroom.

At its 2023 smart car solution conference, Huawei unveiled HUAWEI xScene, a light field screen which uses optical engine technology to enable 3-meter long-distance imaging, 40-inch ultra-large format and 90PPD super-retina-level resolution. As an effective solution to eyestrain, this screen can also effectively lessen car sickness. The launch of HUAWEI xScene brings in new possibilities to vehicle displays. Currently it has three product forms: copilot seat, seatback and headrest types. In the near future, it will be available to several production commercial vehicle models.   

 座舱Tier 1-4.png

As concerns the integration of vehicle lighting and AR-HUD, based on its self-developed 2K automotive optical imaging module and end-to-end capabilities, Huawei pushes on with the large-scale commercial use of AR-HUD. As the primary in-car display, HUAWEI xHUD AR-HUD not only severs as an alternative to the dashboard but also outperforms it. Huawei proposes more innovative applications such as intelligent driving visualization, lane-level navigation, reversing camera, digital elf, and giant screen viewing.  

At the Auto Shanghai 2023, Continental and its partner trinamiX introduced their co-developed Driver Identification Display, a product which integrates a camera solution for driver biometrics, allowing for touchless and secure driver authentication and protection against fraud and theft. 

座舱Tier 1-5.png

In addition, Continental has also developed In2visible, a display technology which enables display of content as needed. It is almost invisible to human eyes when not needed, thereby offering higher safety and comfort.

Supported by new technologies such as AI foundation models, multimodal interaction enables more details and innovative expansions.

In May 2023, ThunderSoft released "Rubik GeniusCanvas", a product that fuses Kanzi and foundation models. This product is built with ThunderSoft’s intelligent coding foundation model Rubik Studio, automotive HMI design software, and 3D engine Kanzi, providing super intelligent assistance for designers in terms of concept creation, 3D element design, special effect code generation, and scene construction. Designers only need to provide some simple verbal dialogues, and Rubik GeniusCanvas can design images and build models as required, which greatly improves the design efficiency and quality of vehicle cockpit HMI.     

Rubik GeniusCanvas helps to shorten the concept creation cycle by 70% from the original 3 or 4 weeks to about 1 week, and the 3D element design cycle by 85% from the original 4 or 6 weeks to about 3 days.

座舱Tier 1-6.png

In April 2023, HELLA, a subsidiary of Forvia, introduced Apollon, a new smart surface technology which uses HELLA's latest Slim Light technology and high-power RGB LED modules and cooperates with HELLA's self-developed simulation software to enable a variety of dynamic lighting scenes. As well as conventional static lighting, this technology also enables multiple functions such as vehicle distance warning, turning indicator and new color-changing array light source by way of flashing, flowing, and color mixing of multiple light sources.

座舱Tier 1-7.png

In April 2023, Marelli introduced SmartCorner?, a new intelligent vehicle lighting product which combines a camera or LiDAR and headlights into an integrated system and perceives pedestrians via sensors. Hong Jing Drive provides algorithms such as pedestrian perception and target orientation determination.

In the trend for multi-domain and central domain controllers, Tier 1 suppliers are trying hard to deploy function integrated products.

In the trend for multi-domain and central domain controllers, quite a few Tier 1 suppliers are aggressive in laying out function integrated products like vehicle navigation integrated, body domain control, and airbag integrated products.  

In January 2023, Desay SV successfully incubated a mass-produced body domain controller product that integrates most body control functions including keyless entry and start, smart air conditioner, electric tailgate, intelligent tire pressure monitoring, smart seats, wiper control, smart lights, window anti-pinch and parking radar.

At the Auto Shanghai 2023, Forvia demonstrated its door panel and mass-produced camera monitor system (CMS) integrated solution that integrates the CMS displays on the door panels. 

座舱Tier 1-8.png

As for vehicle communication, T-BOX tends to integrate with products like smart antenna and V-Box. For example, Continental developed a new-generation T-Box that integrates a shark fin antenna; by virtue of the "all-in-one" design concept and technical strength, Neusoft that offers mature smart antenna products effectively realizes vehicle intelligent connection and saves wiring costs. More than that, based on the characteristics of 5G and integrating its self-developed V2X protocol stack (VeTalk), Neusoft also provides customized development of V2X DAY1 and DAY2 scenes and development of new 5G application scenarios. Neusoft is also the first one to launch 4G/5G+V2X BOX and achieve mass production, leading the market.

Amid localization, the advantage of “foreign + local” cooperative market expansion stands out.

In recent years, China's intelligent vehicle market has boomed. The Chinese market has become a global "wind vane" in both technological innovation and consumption. Both local Tier 1 suppliers and foreign companies are working to making localized layout.

Layout of localized solutions and services has become the top priority for foreign Tier 1 giants. In addition to their own Chinese teams, deploying together with China’s local companies is a new way for them to make a market expansion. Typical collaborations include Bosch + Autolink, Bosch + WeRide, Continental + Motovis, and ZF + Neusoft Reach. In the context of ever faster update on hardware and functions, the cooperation between foreign Tier 1 suppliers and China’s local technology companies enables a quick response to the changes in the Chinese market, and more localized services are provided to meet the needs of OEMs for innovative and diversified products.

For example, Bosch joined hands with Autolink to deploy China's intelligent cockpit market. In April 2023, they jointly announced the new-generation intelligent cockpit 4.0 which creatively integrates in-cabin intelligence, vehicle services and related ecosystems into one middleware, a disruptive cockpit development mode. The solution allows for efficient customization by different automakers to build personalized brands.

Global and China Tier 1 Suppliers’ Intelligent Cockpit Business Research Report, 2023 consists of two volumes:
20120114.gif"Chinese Companies" in 514 pages, covering 9 Chinese Tier 1 suppliers, i.e., Neusoft Group, Yuanfeng Technology, Desay SV, ThunderSoft, Joyson Electronic, Foryou Group, PATEO CONNECT+, Huawei and ECARX; 
20120114.gif"Overseas Companies" in 420 pages, covering 6 foreign Tier 1 suppliers, i.e., Continental, Bosch, Denso, Forvia, Valeo, and Panasonic.

1 Cockpit Business of Neusoft Group
1.1 Operation of Neusoft Group
Operating Results, 2022 
R&D Expenditure, 2022 
Overview of Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity Business 
Global Distribution of Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity business
Core Team of Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity Business 
Product Line Layout of Intelligent Cockpit Business 
1.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Neusoft Group 
Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller 
Intelligent Cockpit Platform
SOA-based Software Development Capabilities 
Neusoft C5 HMI Platform Business  
Intelligent Cockpit Product Development Trends
1.3 IVI Business of Neusoft Group
Global IVI Software Product - NAGIVI 
HMI Services
Intelligent Scene Center Console  
Healthy Mobility Service Platform
Layout in AI Field  
1.4 Navigation Business of Neusoft Group
Global Navigation Products
Global Navigation Product Development Trends
"5 in 1" Global Navigation Product Family
Global Navigation OneCoreGo4.0
Continuous AR-HUD Software Iterations to Improve Intelligent Cockpit Interaction Experience 
AR-HUD Provides Perfect User Experience
AR-HUD Features Scalable Software Architecture and Flexibly Deployed Solutions
Evolution of AR-HUD  
1.5 Vehicle Communication Business of Neusoft Group
T-box Vehicle Intelligent Connected Terminal
V2X Business
VeTalk Automotive Software Protocol Stack
V2X Super Cloud Control Platform 
V2X Test Product - VeTest
Smart Antennas
V2X Integrated Solution
5G C-V2X Integrated T-box 
C-V2X Smart Antenna
V2X Platform Business Model 
1.6 Cyber an Information Security Business of Neusoft Group 
Telematics Security Empowers Vehicle Intelligence Transformation  
NetEye Intelligent Connected Vehicle Information Security Solution (S-Car)
NetEye Cloud Security System (NCSS)
Network Security Situation Awareness Platform (NSSA) (1)
Network Security Situation Awareness Platform (NSSA) (2)
Intelligent Vehicle Information Security Situation Awareness 
1.7 Summary on Intelligent Cockpit Business of Neusoft Group
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)

2 Cockpit Business of Yuanfeng Technology 
2.1 Operation of Yuanfeng Technology
Intelligent Vehicle Integrated Solutions
Business Distribution 
R&D Expenditure 
Core Members 
Intelligent Cockpit Product Line
2.2 Cockpit-driving Integration Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Cockpit-parking Integrated Solution
Cockpit-driving-parking Integrated Solution 
Application Scenarios of Cockpit-parking Integrated Solution (1)
Application Scenarios of Cockpit-parking Integrated Solution (2) 
Application Scenarios of Cockpit-parking Integrated Solution (3)
Application Scenarios of Cockpit-parking Integrated Solution (4) 
Intelligent Driving System 
Cooperation Model of Cockpit-driving Integration Business
Customers of Cockpit-driving Integrated Solution 
Cockpit-driving Integrated Solution Product Roadmap 
2.3 Digital Key Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Digital Key System Framework
Digital Key Core Technology
Digital Key Security Mechanism
Application Scenarios of Digital Key (1)
Application Scenarios of Digital Key (2)  
Benefits of Digital Key Cooperation  
Customers & Supported Vehicle Models 
Digital Key Ecosystem Resources
Digital Key Product Roadmap 
2.4 Camera Monitor System (CMS) Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Business 
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Vision Assist 
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Fusing ADAS Functions: Driving Vision Assist
Mass Production Customers of Camera Monitor System (CMS)  
Application Schemes of Camera Monitor System (CMS)
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Product Roadmap   
2.5 Automated Parking Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Parking Business
Super Park 1.0 (1)
Super Park 1.0 (2)
Super Park 2.0 (1)
Super Park 2.0 (2) 
2.6 Cockpit Display Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Cockpit Display Product Roadmap
Display Process/Technology 
New Mini-LED Technology
Display Customers 
2.7 Summary on Intelligent Cockpit Business of Yuanfeng Technology
Summary on Intelligent Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers 

3 Cockpit Business of Desay SV 
3.1 Operation of Desay SV
Operation in 2022
R&D Expenditure, 2022 (1)
R&D Expenditure, 2022 (2)
Distribution of R&D Centers
Distribution of Production Bases
Global Distribution
Core Team
Recent Developments in Three Major Businesses, 2022 (1)
Recent Developments in Three Major Businesses, 2022 (2)  
Newly Incubated Businesses, 2022
Smart Solutions 2.0
Cockpit Electronics Product Line
3.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Desay SV 
Intelligent Cockpit Product Layout
Evolution Trend of Intelligent Cockpit 
4th Generation Intelligent Cockpit System 
Cockpit Domain Controller Business 
Localized Intelligent Cockpit Domain Control Platform - DS06C
Application Case of Cockpit Domain Controller: Tiggo 8 PLUS 
Digital Cluster + Cockpit Domain Controller + Blue Whale OS 4.0 Cockpit Interaction System Applied to Hycan Z03
Dual-screen Virtual Smart Cabin Domain Controller Cooperated with BlackBerry   
The Smart Cabin Domain Controller Project Passed ASPICE CL3 Assessment
The Multi-domain (Cockpit, Intelligent Driving, Connectivity, etc.) Integrated Central Computing Platform - Aurora (1)
The Multi-domain (Cockpit, Intelligent Driving, Connectivity, etc.) Integrated Central Computing Platform - Aurora (2) 
Desay SV Creates An ICP Ecosystem 
3.3 IVI and Vehicle Display Business of Desay SV 
Development Trends of IVI and Vehicle Display  
IVI + Display System Business
IVI + Display System Business 
New Multi-screen Interaction Product Business 
23.6-inch Mini LED Vehicle Curved Dual Display
High-end Display Technology
AR-HUD Products
Full Lamination Process
Intelligent Cockpit Technology Upgrade Route
3.4 Cockpit Air Conditioner and Thermal Management Business of Desay SV 
Air Conditioner Control Development Trends
Automotive Air Conditioner Controller Business 
3.5 Vehicle Communication Business of Desay SV 
Development Trends of Vehicle Communication
TBOX and C-V2X Business 
Gradual Commercialization of T-Box + V2X + Telematics Platform 
TBOX and C-V2X Business 
3.6 Automated Parking Business of Desay SV
Automated Parking Business  
Integrated Fully Automated Parking System 
Application Cases of Surround View + Integrated Parking  
Automated Valet Parking (AVP) Solution  
3.7 DMS Business of Desay SV 
Driver Behavior Monitoring and Identification System Business 
Provide Surround View Cameras for NIO ET7
Provide In-car Cameras and Face Recognition for Enovate EM7 and Tiggo 8 PLUS
Multimodal Interaction System
3.8 Telematics and Information Security Business of Desay SV 
Businesses of Connected Services Business Unit 
Telematics Business Unit Passed ASPICE CL3 Assessment
Telematics Security, Big Data and OTA Business  
OTA Solution: Vcare Service Platform  
Vehicle OTA Updates   
Autonomous Driving OTA: Developing OTA Solutions Based on NVIDIA Drive OS
Telematics Big Data Solution
Telematics Security Solution
Information Security Certification 
3.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Desay SV 
Summary on Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers 

4 Cockpit Business of Thundersoft 
4.1 Operation of Thundersoft
Operating Results
Recent Developments in Three Major Businesses, 2022
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Layout 
Global Distribution
R&D Expenditure
Main Ongoing R&D Projects (1)
Main Ongoing R&D Projects (2)  
Core Members 
Business Model
Cockpit Product Line 
4.2 Cockpit OS Business of ThunderSoft 
Thunder Auto OS Production Platform 
Infotainment System Software Platform 
New Intelligent Cockpit Solution - E-Cockpit 7.0 
Qualcomm Ecological Technical Support
Huawei Ecological Technical Support 
Evolution Route of Thunder Auto OS
Evolution Route of E-Cockpit Intelligent Cockpit System 
4.3 HMI Business of ThunderSoft
New HMI Design Concept - HMI 2.0 
Integrated HMI Design Tool: Kanzi One 
Kanzi Solution
Cluster Design Platform: Kanzi? HYBRID 
Platforms Supported by Kanzi 
Main Customers of Kanzi  
Evolution of Kanzi 
Kanzi+ Foundation Model Integration
Kanzi + Foundation Model Integrated Product: Rubik GeniusCanvas
4.3 Intelligent Vision Business of ThunderSoft
Layout in Intelligent Vision Field  
In-cabin Vision FaceID/DMS/OMS 
Surround Vision 
Front/Surround Vision Smart DVR
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Solution 
4.4 Integrated Parking Business of ThunderSoft 
Smart Parking Layout
Integrated Smart Parking 
Parking All-scenario Rendering Product Solutions 
Automated Valet Parking (AVP) Solution 
V2X Solution - RoadEye Holographic Intersection Solution
4.5 Telematics and Entertainment Ecosystem Business of ThunderSoft
VCD (Vehicle-Cloud-Device) Ecosystem Solution 
Intelligent Assistant
Inter-domain Communication Middleware - Deviceware
Smartphone Connection Solution
Vehicle Bus Solution 
Features of OTA Product
4.6 Information Security Products of ThunderSoft
EVSec’s Automated Information Security DevOps Platform 
Cyber Security Solutions
Infotainment System Security Solution 
FOTA Solution
4.7 Automated Testing Business of ThunderSoft 
Intelligent Automated Testing Platform (1)
Intelligent Automated Testing Platform (2) 
Automated Testing Cloud Platform 
HMI Testing Platform
SOA Testing Platform
Automated Testing Solutions
4.8 Other New Cockpit Businesses of ThunderSoft 
Software Defined Vehicle Business Layout 
Main Software Tools and Services of Software Defined Vehicle Business
Exploration of Cockpit Cross-domain Fusion  
Cockpit-driving Integrated Vehicle Operating System
Strategic Layout of AI Foundation Model and Exploration of Industry Integration
AI Foundation Model - "Rubik"
AI Foundation Model Integration in Automotive 
Rubik Foundation Family
Rubik Product Family 
4.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of ThunderSoft 
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers
Summary on Forward-looking Cockpit Products Being Developed, Suppliers and Customers  

5 Cockpit Business of Foryou 
5.1 Operation of Foryou 
Distribution of Holding Companies  
Products and Supported Customers
Automotive Electronics and Applications
Operating Results
R&D Expenditure
Main R&D Projects
Core Members
Cockpit Product Line 
5.2 Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Foryou 
ADAYO Intelligent Cockpit Layout 
Cockpit Domain Controller Layout
Cockpit Domain Controller: Three Solutions
Localized Cluster Platform Products 
Light Domain Control System (AVN) + Solution
Cockpit-parking Integration Layout
ADAYO Automotive Open Platform (AAOP) 
AAOP Development Plan
5.3 Vehicle Display Business of Foryou 
Foryou General Electronics’ ClusterDA That Integrates Cluster and IVI System Functions 
Integrated Curved LCD Cluster 
Suspension Type Smart Rotating Screen of Foryou General Electronics
High Dynamic Range Curved Through Display  
Multi-size Integrated Display Solution of Foryou General Electronics
Cockpit Dual Display Solution 
Motion Mechanism
Main Display Customers 
5.4 HUD Business of Foryou 
Development History of HUD
Main HUD Products
AR-HUD Products
AR HUD Core Technology
Product Cases 
HUD and Technology Route
WHUD and Technology Route
ARHUD and Technology Route  
Major HUD Customers 
5.5 Camera Monitor System (CMS) Business of Foryou
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Product Matrix 
Features of Camera Monitor System (CMS) Solution 
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Application Schemes 
Camera Monitor System (CMS) Development Route
Evolution Route of Camera Monitor System (CMS) Functions
5.6 Cockpit HMI Business of Foryou
Multimodal Interaction System 
Digital Acoustic System Solution
5.7 Intelligent Connectivity Business of Foryou 
High Precision Positioning System
Digital Key Products of Foryou Multimedia Electronics
Evolution of Foryou Multimedia Electronics’ Digital Key
Wireless Charging
5.8 Other Cockpit Businesses of Foryou
360° Surround View Solution System for Intelligent Cockpits 
Automated Parking System 
5.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Foryou 
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (3)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers
Summary of Cockpit Products Being Developed, Suppliers and Customers 

6 Cockpit Business of PATEO CONNECT+ 
6.1 Operation of PATEO CONNECT+ 
Business Scope: "Qing + X" Core
Development History 
Business Model
Production and R&D Layout
R&D Expenditure
Core Members 
Cockpit Product Line 
6.2 Cockpit Domain Controller and System Solution Business of PATEO CONNECT+
Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller: Product Line 
Qinggan Intelligent Cockpit Platform
Qinggan Intelligent Cockpit Platform 
Qinggan Vehicle Intelligent Cockpit Platform  
Evolution Route of Intelligent Cockpit Platform 
Cockpit-driving Integration Layout  
Cockpit-driving-parking Integrated Product 
Dynamics in Cockpit Cooperation 
Major Customers 
Ecosystem Partners
6.3 IVI OS and Display Business of PATEO CONNECT+ 
Qing OS
Functions of Qing OS 
Application Cases of Qing OS 
Cooperation Projects on Qing OS 
Qing Cluster Hardware Products 
Vehicle Intelligent Hardware Platform - Qing Core
Evolution of HUD Products  
6.4 HMI Technology Business of PATEO CONNECT+ 
HMI Technology: Qing iVoka 
Software: Qing AI
Software: Qing AI 
Evolution of Qing AI Assistant 
HMI Technology: Qing BUI 
Automotive All-scenario Sound System 
HMI Interface Design 
Profile of PATEO Republicx
Vehicle DMS Algorithm
Automated Parking Business 
6.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of PATEO CONNECT+
Cloud Platform: Qing Cloud  
Overseas Telematics Cloud Platform 
Software: Qing Map
Software: Qing Pay
Qing OTA
Qing OTA RoadMap 
Intelligent Recommendation Platform for Automotive Scenarios
Qing Vehicle-data
Qing Mobile
Digital Key Business 
6.6 Vehicle Communication Business of PATEO CONNECT+
Development History of V2X-based T-BOX Technology 
C-V2X Solution
High Precision Positioning Module - P-BOX
C-V2X Development Route
Qing Safety & Security
6.7 Summary on Cockpit Business of PATEO CONNECT+ 
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (3)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (4)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers
Summary on Cockpit Products Being Developed, Suppliers and Customers 

7 Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic 
7.1 Operation of Joyson Electronic 
Distribution of Business Divisions 
Operating Results
R&D Expenditure
Technical Centers and Organizational Structure
Distribution of R&D Centers Worldwide 
Distribution of R&D Centers in China 
Distribution of R&D Centers of Key Safety Systems Inc (KSS) 
Four Major Solutions of Smart Mobility Business
Product Development Direction 
Core Team (1)
Core Team (2) 
Distribution of Intelligent Vehicle Connection System Production Bases in China
Distribution of Other Intelligent Manufacturing Bases in China
Distribution of Automotive Safety System Production Bases in China
Distribution of Automotive Electronic System Production Bases in China
Distribution of Automotive Functional Parts and Assemblies Production Bases in China 
Cockpit Electronics Product Line
7.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Joyson Electronic 
Cockpit Domain Controller: Development Process 
Domain Controller Business  
Domain Controller Hardware Offer Benefits in All Aspects 
Sub-classification of Cockpit Domain Controller Software 
Cockpit Domain Controller Chip
Development Directions of Domain Controller Technology 
Create An Intelligent Empathy Cockpit as Cockpit-driving Integration Evolves   
Central Computing Unit Overall Technical Solution of Joynext
Central Computing Unit Technology Route of Joynext
SOA-based Human-machine Co-driving System Design of Joynext 
7.3 Intelligent IVI Business of Joyson Electronic 
Intelligent IVI: Development Process  
Classification of Vehicle Information System Products 
CNS3.0 Connection System 
Intelligent Cockpit Solution 
Intelligent Cockpit System Supports Multiple Chips and Multiple Systems
Conventional IVI System 
Dual-system Cockpit Solution  
Joynext and Huawei Deepen Cooperation to Build A New Intelligent Cockpit Ecosystem 
Emotional Intelligent Cockpit Layout 
Smart Surface
Multimodal Interaction Layout
Facilitate the Exploration of Deep Integration of AIGC Technology into Cockpit Interaction  
7.4 Vehicle Display Business (Center Console, Cluster, HUD, etc.) of Joyson Electronic  
IVI System 
Vehicle Control System Products 
Integrated Electric Steering Wheel
3D Landscape Control 
7.5 Automotive Air Conditioner Controller Business of Joyson Electronic
Automobile Air Conditioner Controller Business (1)
Automotive Air Conditioner Controller Business (2) 
7.6 T-BOX/C-V2X/5G Business of Joyson Electronic 
5G+V2X: Development Process  
Integrated Intelligent Connected Solution: Digital Smart Antenna 
Established Joynext to Develop 5G-V2X  
V2X OBU Installed on Human Horizons' Production Model HiPhi 1 
Technical Features of V2X Products 
Joynext Continues to Promote the Penetration of Vehicle 5G Connectivity Technology   
5G Modules
5G-V2X Products
7.7 L2.5 and above Automated Parking System Business of Joyson Electronic
Automated Parking Sensor Business 
Set Foot in LiDAR, and Teamed up with Innovusion to Empower NIO ET7
7.8 Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Business of Joyson Electronic 
Supply Driver Attention Systems to Cadillac
Driver Behavior Monitoring and Identification System Business (Visual DMS)
Active Steering Wheel System Solution (Non-visual DMS)
7.9 Cockpit Safety Module Business of Joyson Electronic 
Classification of Cockpit Safety Modules  
Passive Safety System 
7.10 Other Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic
OTA Business (1)
OTA Business (2)
7.11 Summary on Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic
Summary on Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers 

8 Cockpit Business of Huawei
8.1 Operation of Huawei 
Introduction to Automotive BU
Layout of Automotive Business 
R&D Expenditure
Core Members 
Business Model 
Cockpit Product Line
8.2 Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform Business of Huawei
Intelligent Cockpit Solution 
Intelligent Cockpit IVI Module: Pluggable Design
Hisilicon Cockpit Chip: Kirin 710A
Hisilicon Cockpit Chip: Kirin 990A 
8.3 Intelligent Cockpit HarmonyOS IVI System Business of Huawei
Intelligent Cockpit Operating System - HOS  
Evolution Route of HarmonyOS IVI 
HarmonyOS3.0 IVI System 
HarmonyOS Kernel Was Officially Applied to Vehicles  
HarmonyOS Cockpit HOS-A Software Platform (1)
HarmonyOS Cockpit HOS-A Software Platform (2)
HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit Ecosystem  
HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit Ecosystem Partners 
Ecosystem Strategy: Create 1+8+N Cooperative Services 
Build All-scenario Mobility Services 
8.4 Vehicle Display and Optical Display Business of Huawei
Vehicle Intelligent Screen 
Evolution of Vehicle Intelligent Screen  
Vehicle Optical Display Business - AutOptiX
Light Field Screen 
Intelligent Vehicle Lighting Solution: XPIXEL
Intelligent Vehicle Lighting Solutions 
SparkLink Immersive Ambient Light
Evolution Route of AR HUD
Application Case: Rising Auto R7 
8.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of Huawei 
Intelligent Connection Solution
Vehicle Communication System - HiFin 
New Generation Vehicle Communication System - HiFin
Deployments in C-V2X 
5G C-V2X Communication Module
Vehicle Communication Chips
Commercial Grade Roadside Unit - RSU6201 
Exploration of V2X Service Model 
V2X Solution  
Vehicle 5G Cooperation Strategy 
Vehicle 5G Technology Cooperation Model 
Intelligent Vehicle Cloud Service 
OTA Cloud Service
Evolution of OTA Cloud Service
OTA History of HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 
All-round Privacy and Security in Intelligent Cockpit 
Telematics Cloud Service
Cloud Telematics Platform 
Cloud Platform: Customer Cases
HMS for Car (1)
HMS for Car (2)
Digital Key
Launched "Petal Mobility" for an Entry into Online Ride-hailing 
8.6 Hicar Business of Huawei 
HiCar Smart Connection Solution  
Position of HiCar (1)
Position of HiCar (2)
Partners of HiCar (1)
Partners of HiCar (2)  
8.7 Parking Business of Huawei 
Smart Parking Service
Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (1)
Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (2) 
SparkLink Wireless 360° Panoramic View 
8.8 Thermal Management System Business of Huawei
Thermal Management System (TMS) 
Evolution of Thermal Management System (TMS) 
8.8 Other Intelligent Cockpit Businesses of Huawei  
HUAWEI SOUND Car Spatial Audio 
Scenario-based Audio Service: HUAWEI SOUND + HUAWEI MUSIC 
HUAWEI iDVP Smart Car Digital Base  
CC Architecture
Based on the CC Architecture, Launch Three Domain Control Computing Platforms: MDC, CDC and VDC  
Introduce the Gateway Integrated Zone Controller - VIU 
8.9 Summary of Huawei Smart Cockpit Business
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers 

9 Cockpit Business of ECARX
9.1 Operation of ECARX 
Ecosystem Companies 
Strategic Position
Business Evolution 
Operating Results
R&D Expenditure
Regional Distribution
Core Members  
Cockpit Product Line
9.2 Cockpit Computing Platform Business of ECARX 
Chip Layout (1)
Chip Layout (2) 
Evolution of Chip Development Route  
Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform Product Layout 
Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform: Antora 1000 
Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform: Antora 1000 Pro
Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform Product: Makalu 
Immersive Automotive Digital Cockpit Co-created by Smart, ECARX and AMD 
Central Computing Platform - ECARX Super Brain
Evolution of Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform
9.3 IVI OS Business of ECARX 
Operating System Business Layout Plan
Evolution of Operating System  
Evolution of Geely Galaxy OS 
Galaxy OS - Features (1)
Galaxy OS - Features (2)  
Galaxy OS - First Mounted on Xingyue L 
Galaxy OS Air - First Mounted on Boyue L 
Evolution of LYNK OS 
Flyme Auto IVI System 
Evolution of ZEEKR OS
ECARX Cloudpeak Cross-domain Software System
EAS Core
ECARX Software Stack 
Software Development Planning (1)
Software Development Planning (2)
9.4 Vehicle Communication Business of ECARX 
Communication Modules 
Telematics Antenna Products 
9.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of ECARX 
Cloud Platform: Developer Platform
Full-stack Voice Cloud Solution 
Online Membership Services & Multimedia Services with Paid Membership 
Telematics O&M and Traffic Value-added Services 
Ecosystem Service Partners 
9.6 Summary on Cockpit Business of ECARX 
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (1)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (2)
Summary on Conventional Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers (3)
Summary of Innovative Cockpit Products, Suppliers and Customers 

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