Automotive Power Supply (OBC+DC/DC+PDU) and Integrated Circuits (IC) Industry Report, 2023
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Automotive power supply and IC: Chinese chips are promising in the evolution from physical integration to system integration

As the core component of a new energy vehicle, automotive power supply is mainly used to convert the electric energy of the power battery into the voltage and current suitable for the vehicle, and also provides stable power support for the electrical equipment inside the vehicle. The surging new energy vehicle sales spur the boom of automotive power supply market.

OBCs, DC/DC converters and PDUs in automotive power supply can be independent components or integrated systems. As per the product structure of mainstream suppliers in recent two years, the proportion of independent components is declining sharply, while the shipments of "two-in-one", "three-in-one" and "all-in-one" integrated forms are jumping.

电源芯片 1_副本.png

All-in-one solution from physical integration to system integration

The integration trend of automotive power supply is clear, and OBCs, DC/DC converters and PDUs are further integrated with electric drive and ECU. FinDreams Powertrain, Changan NE, Huawei Digital Power, etc. are all promoting the all-in-one electric drive assembly integrated with OBCs. The mode of high integration can save space, reduce weight and improve the overall efficiency.

电源芯片 2_副本.png

In the future, the "all-in-one" integrated solution will evolve from mechanical hardware integration to power components integration, and deeply integrate software with the backend to form a control domain for the drive system - fully combining battery data, electric drive data, charging data, etc., evolving towards the power domain controller. 

Huawei: the hyper-converged "ten-in-one" power domain module launched in April 2023 pioneers chip integration, power integration, function integration and domain controller integration to reduce the BOM by 40% and the number of chips by 60%, thus improving the development efficiency of automakers by 30%. In addition, it enables more concise layout of the front cabin of vehicles, releases more interior space and provides better comfort experiences for occupants.

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ST: ST New Energy Vehicle Innovation Center has built a range of system solutions based on Stella series, including the 22kW Stellar E-based OBC-DC/DC combined solution and the Stella P-based all-in-one powertrain domain controller.

The all-in-one powertrain domain controller is based on ST’s latest Stellar P series automotive MCU, and integrates the following components: main drive inverter, vehicle control unit (VCU), battery management unit (BMU) motherboard, on-board charger (OBC) and DC/DC converter. The highly integrated solution improves power density, reduces the number of high/low-voltage connectors, and optimizes the cost of hardware BOM and software development and maintenance.

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Localization is promising in the upstream supply chain of automotive power supply.

Silicon carbide is widely used in automotive power supply products.

Conventional silicon-based power semiconductors can only limitedly improve the efficiency and power density of automotive power supply, while SiC power devices have advantages in on-resistance, blocking voltage and junction capacitance, and are rapidly introduced in high-end new energy electric vehicles.

OBCs and DC/DC converters have started wide adoption of SiC devices, for instance, PFC diodes are replaced by SiC SBDs, or DC/DC primary circuit MOS tubes of OBCs are substituted by SiC MOS, and all-SiC solution is expected to enter the stage of mass application soon.

So far, BYD, Tesla, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Geely, Renault, SAIC Volkswagen and Nissan among others have used the third-generation SiC semiconductor devices in automotive power supply. 

电源芯片 5_副本.png

Infineon: In June 2023, Infineon presents its new generation of 1200 V CoolSiC? MOSFETs in TO263-7 for automotive applications. The automotive-graded silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET generation offers high power density and efficiency, enables bi-directional charging and significantly reduces system cost in on-board charging (OBC) and DC-DC applications.

In addition, the 1200 V CoolSiC family member offers best-in-class switching performance through 25% lower switching losses and lowers the SiC MOSFET junction temperature by 25%, compared to the first generation.

电源芯片 6_副本.png

The pace of homemade automotive power supply MCUs in China replacing imported counterparts quickens.

At present, major automotive power supply IC vendors are working to improve product performance to meet ever higher requirements.

TI: In the existing automotive power supply system, customers often have high requirements for high efficiency and better thermal performance. Both OBCs and communication power supply products are getting smaller, and the switching frequency is also becoming higher, posing bigger EMI challenges. In March 2023, TI introduced standalone active electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter integrated circuits (ICs), enabling engineers to implement smaller, lighter EMI filters, to enhance system functionality at reduced system cost while simultaneously meeting EMI regulatory standards. 

The new portfolio of stand-alone active EMI filter ICs can sense and cancel common-mode EMI by as much as 30 dB at frequencies between 100 kHz and 3 MHz in single- and three-phase AC power systems. This capability enables designers to reduce the size of chokes by 50%, compared to purely passive filter solutions.

电源芯片 7_副本.png

Currently, ST and TI's solutions prevail in the automotive power supply market, especially TI's C2000 series chips that are still seen in popular electric models, such as Xpeng P7, and are used by mainstream OBC/DC-DC suppliers such as Shinry Technologies and Zhejiang EV-Tech as the main control chips. 

In the recent two years, Chinese main control chip suppliers have stood a chance to replace foreign counterparts with the products made in China. Domestic suppliers have accelerated their layout in the field of main control chips, and are developing from basic OBC and DC-DC applications to all-in-one dynamic domains.

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Automotive Power Supply (OBC+DC/DC+PDU) and Integrated Circuits (IC) Industry Report, 2023 by ResearchInChina highlights the following:
20120114.gifAutomotive power supply (technology trends, market size, products & solutions, etc.);
20120114.gifOn-board charger (OBC) (product structure, technology development trends, market size, structure of main suppliers, price trend, etc.);
20120114.gifDC/DC converter (technology trends, market size, competitive landscape, cost structure, main solutions, etc.);
20120114.gifPower distribution unit (PDU) (product structure, technology trends, market size, competitive landscape, cost structure, solutions of main suppliers, etc.);
20120114.gifMain automotive power supply components (MCU, power supply IC, relay, PFC converter, etc.) (product structure, main suppliers and products, etc.);
20120114.gifMain automotive power supply suppliers (product line, technology layout, product price, main customers, market position, etc.).

1. Automotive Power Supply Industry Development 
1.1 Development Status of China New Energy Vehicle Industry
1.1.1 China New Energy Vehicle Market - Overall Production and Sales
1.1.2 China New Energy Vehicle Market - Monthly Sales
1.1.3 China New Energy Passenger Car Sales - Overall Sales
1.1.4 China New Energy Passenger Car Sales - by Grade
1.1.5 China New Energy Passenger Car Sales - by Brand
1.1.6 China New Energy Passenger Car Sales - by Model
1.1.7 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data - Overall Insurance Quantity
1.1.8 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data - Number of Insurances by Province
1.1.9 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data - Number of Insurances by Brand
1.1.10 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data-TOP10 Brands by Provinces/Cities
1.1.11 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data - Number of Insurances by Model
1.1.12 China New Energy Passenger Car Insurance Data - Number of Common Hybrid Passenger Car Insurance
1.2 Overview of New Energy Vehicle Power Supply Products
1.2.1 Working Principle of New Energy Vehicle Power Supply  
1.2.2 Introduction of New Energy Vehicle Power Supply System
1.2.3 Automotive Power Supply mainly provides power conversion and battery charging/discharging, can be independent or integrated into system
1.2.4 Installation Position of Automotive Power Supply
1.2.5 Integration Development Status of Automotive Power Supply: All-in-one Integration has become the Mainstream of Market
1.2.6 Nine Typical Solutions of Automotive Power Supply Integration
1.2.7 Evolution: "Split Parts" → "Three in One" → "N in One" 
1.3 Development Trend of Automotive Power Supply Technology
1.3.1 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: OBC, DC/DC, PDU Three-in-one Physical Integration
1.3.2 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: Automotive Power Supply + Electric Drive All-in-one Physical Integration (1)
1.3.3 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: Automotive Power Supply + Electric Drive All-in-one Physical Integration (2)
1.3.4 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: Automotive Power Supply + Electric Drive All-in-one Physical Integration (3)
1.3.5 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: Electric Drive Power Integration, Single Vehicle Value (ASP) significantly Increased
1.3.6 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: from Physical Integration to System Integration, Evolve to Intelligent Power Control Domain Solution 
1.3.7 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend:  800V Architecture will Bring Value Increment to Automotive Power Supply
1.3.8 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend:  800V Model Terminal Sales Forecast (China), 2023-2024E
1.3.9 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: Cost of Automotive Power Supply Rises under 800V Platform
1.3.10 Automotive Power Supply Technology Trend: 800V Platform Vehicle Application Size (Chinese Market), 2023-2027E
1.4 Automotive Power Supply Market Size and Share
1.4.1 Automotive Power Supply Market Size
1.4.2 China Automotive Power Supply Market Competition Landscape
1.5 Automotive Power Supply Cost, Price and Supply Chain
1.5.1 Automotive Power Supply System Cost Reduction Space
1.6 Automotive Power Supply Suppliers and Product Solutions
1.6.1 Companies with Integrated Development Technology
1.6.2 Comparison of Integrated Automotive Power Suppliers
1.6.3 Integrated Automotive Power Suppliers and Products Summary
1.6.4 3-in-1 Integrated Case 1: Dilong High-efficiency 3-in-1 Automotive Power Supply
1.6.5 3-in-1 Integration Case 2: MAHLE 800V High Voltage Integrated Vehicle Charging System CDU
1.6.6 3-in-1 Integration Case 3:  CUD of Shinry Technologies
1.6.7 All-in-One Integration Case 1: Ten-in-One Hyper-Converged Power Domain Module of Huawei
1.6.8 All-in-one Integration Case 2: Nine-in-one Super Electric Drive of JAC Yiwei 3 
1.6.9 All-in-one Integration Case 3: Eight-in-one Electric Powertrain of FinDreams Powertrain (1)
1.6.10 All-in-one Integration Case 4: Eight-in-one Electric Powertrain of FinDreams Powertrain (2)
1.6.11 All-in-one Integration Case 5: ST's Control-level Integration Solution
1.6.12 All-in-One Integration Case 6: TI Power Level Integration Solution

2. Automotive On-board Charger (OBC) Technology and Market
2.1 OBC Overview
2.1.1 Introduction to OBC
2.1.2 Roles of OBC
2.1.3 OBC Product Form (1)
2.1.4 OBC Product Form (2)
2.1.5 OBC Technology Topology (1)
2.1.6 OBC Technology Topology (2)
2.1.7 OBC Main Circuit Topology 
2.1.8 OBC Main Components: Disassembly Diagram (1)
2.1.9 OBC Main Components: Disassembly Diagram (2)
2.1.10 OBC Key Technical Evaluation Index
2.2 Development Trend of OBC Technology
2.2.1 Development Trend of OBC
2.2.2 OBC Technology Trend 1
2.2.3 OBC Technology Trend 2
2.2.4 OBC Technology Trend 3
2.2.5 OBC Technology Trend 4
2.2.6 OBC Technology Trend 5
2.2.7 OBC Technology Trend 6
2.3 OBC Market Size and Share
2.3.1 OBC Market Size and Development Trend
2.3.2 OBC Installation Size of New Energy Passenger Cars in China, 2021-2023
2.3.3 Market Share of Top 10 OBC Suppliers of New Energy Passenger Cars, 2022
2.3.4 Market Share of Top 10 OBC Suppliers of New Energy Passenger Cars, 2020-2022
2.3.5 OEM Supportings of Top 10 OBC Suppliers of New Energy Passenger Cars  
2.4 OBC Cost, Price and Supply Chain
2.4.1 OBC Price Trend
2.4.2 Cost Detail Comparison of 22kW Bidirectional OBC System Using SiC and Si
2.5 OBC Suppliers and Product Solutions
2.6 Main Suppliers of New Energy Passenger Car OBC

3. DC/DC Converter Technology and Market 
3.1 DC/DC Converter Overview
3.1.1 Introduction to New Energy Vehicle DC/DC Converter
3.1.2 Topology Structure of New Energy Vehicle DC/DC Converter
3.1.3 DC/DC Technology Evaluation Index
3.1.4 DC/DC Technology Difficulties and Barriers
3.1.5 DC/DC Main Components of New Energy Vehicle 
3.2 Development Trend of DC/DC Technology
3.2.1 DC/DC Technology Trend 1
3.2.2 DC/DC Technology Trend 2
3.2.3 DC/DC Technology Trend 3
3.3 DC/DC Market Size and Share
3.3.1 DC/DC Market Size and Development Trend
3.3.2 DC/DC Market Competition Landscape
3.4 DC/DC Cost, Price and Supply Chain
3.4.1 Cost Structure of New Energy Vehicle Converter DC/DC 
3.5 DC/DC Suppliers and Product Solutions
3.5.1 DC/DC Suppliers and Supporting Manufacturers (1)
3.5.2 DC/DC Suppliers and Supporting Manufacturers (2)
3.5.3 Main Components of New Energy Vehicle Converter DC/DC: GAC DC/DC Disassembly Diagram
3.5.4 Main Components of New Energy Vehicle Converter DC/DC: XPeng DC/DC Disassembly Diagram

4. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Technology and Market  
4.1 PDU Product Overview
4.1.1 New Energy Vehicle PDU Product Overview (1)
4.1.2 New Energy Vehicle PDU Product Overview (2)
4.1.3 PDU is related to Vehicle Electrical Layout, Integrated Development is an Important Trend
4.1.4 Role of PDU in New Energy Vehicles
4.1.5 PDU has High Requirements on Supplier's Structural Design and Test Verification Capabilities
4.1.6 PDU Technical Evaluation Index
4.1.7 New Energy Vehicle PDU Structure
4.1.8 Main Components of New Energy Vehicle PDU (1)
4.1.9 Main Components of New Energy Vehicle PDU (2)
4.2 Development Trend of PDU Technology
4.2.1 PDU Technology Route: Integrated Development (1)
4.2.2 PDU Technology Route: Integrated Development (2)
4.2.3 Case: BAIC New Energy PDU Evolution Process
4.3 PDU Market Size and Share
4.3.1 PDU Market Size and Development Trend
4.3.2 PDU Market Competition Landscape
4.4 PDU Cost, Price and Supply Chain
4.4.1 Cost Structure of PDU  
4.5 PDU Suppliers and Product Solutions
4.5.1 PDU Suppliers and Supporting Manufacturers (1)
4.5.2 PDU Suppliers and Supporting Manufacturers (2)
4.5.3 New Energy Vehicle PDU Disassembly Diagram (1)
4.5.4 New Energy Vehicle PDU Disassembly Diagram (2)
4.5.5 New Energy Vehicle PDU Frame Diagram (3)

5 Research on Vehicle Power Supply Chain (Chips, Components)
5.1 Analysis of Vehicle Power Supply Solution
5.1.1 Case: List of Main Chips of BAIC Integrated Power Supply Three-in-one Products
5.1.2 Case: Main Control Chips of XPeng P7 three-in-one Vehicle Integrated Power Supply  
5.1.3 Case: ST OBC Chip and Power Device (1)
5.1.4 Case: ST OBC Chip and Power Device (2)
5.1.5 Case: TI C2000-based Reference Design < TIDM-PSFB-DCDC > Topology
5.1.6 Case: OBC + DC/DC Solution Chip and Power Device of Silergy
5.2 Key Technology of Vehicle Power Supply: MCU
5.2.1 Market Competition Landscape: Summary of Major Foreign MCU Chip Vendors and Products (1)
5.2.2 Market Competition Landscape: Summary of Major Foreign MCU Chip Vendors and Products (2)
5.2.3 Market Competition Landscape: Summary of Major Domestic MCU Chip Suppliers and Products
5.2.4 Case: ST MCU for Automotive Power Supply
5.2.5 Case: NXP MCU for Automotive Power Supply
5.2.6 MCU Market Price: Mainstream Master Chip Market
5.3 Key Technology of Automotive Power Supply: Power Chip
5.3.1 Classification of Automotive Power Chip 
5.3.2 Application of Automotive Power Chip in OBC
5.3.3 Power Supply Chip 1: DC/DC DC Conversion Chip
5.3.4 Power Supply Chip 2: AC/DC Switching Power Supply Regulator Chip
5.3.5 Power Supply Chip Competition Landscape: mainly European, American and Taiwanese Companies
5.3.6 Power Supply Chip Competition Landscape: DC/DC Chip Vendor Layout (1)
5.3.7 Power Supply Chip Competition Landscape: DC/DC Chip Vendor Layout (2)
5.3.8 Power Supply Chip Competition Landscape: Layout of Domestic Automotive LDO Linear Regulator Chip Vendors
5.4 Key Technology of Automotive Power Supply: Isolation Chip
5.4.1 Application of New Energy Vehicle Isolation Chip
5.4.2 Isolation Chip for New Energy Vehicle OBC charger
5.4.3 800V High-voltage Platform to Promote Isolation Chip Volume and Price Rise
5.5 Key Technology of Automotive Power Supply: silicon carbide
5.5.1 Advantages of SiC Devices
5.5.2 Application of SiC device is Conducive to Saving Vehicle Cost 
5.5.3 Application Scope of SiC in New Energy Vehicles
5.5.4 Application Trend: Tesla will Take the Lead in Reducing SiC Usage
5.5.5 SiC MOSFET Market Structure
5.5.6 Case: ON Semiconductor's Next Generation 1200V EliteSiC M3 MOSFET (1)
5.5.7 Case: ON Semiconductor's Next Generation 1200V EliteSiC M3 MOSFET (2)
5.6 Key Technology of Automotive Power Supply: relay
5.6.1 Application of Relay in New Energy Vehicle
5.6.2 Structure New Energy Vehicle Relay
5.6.3 New Energy Vehicle Relay Market Competition Landscape
5.6.4 Comparison of Mainstream Replay Suppliers
5.6.5 Cases (1)
5.6.6 Cases (2)
5.6.7 Cases (3)
5.7 Key Technology of Automotive Power Supply PFC converter
5.7.1 Circuit Structure of PFC
5.7.2 Key Circuit Design of PFC
5.7.3 Technology Trend: SiC-based three-phase PFC converter increases OBC charging power

6. Automotive Power Supply Providers
6.1 Shenzhen VMAX New Energy Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.1.4 Product Layout in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control  
6.1.5 Revenue by Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Product
6.1.6 Revenue Structure of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Product
6.1.7 Price of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.1.8 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain
6.1.9 Raw Materials Procurement
6.1.10 Production Mode 
6.1.11 Top5 Clients 
6.1.12 Domestic and Overseas Clients
6.1.13 Major Supporting Models 
6.1.14 Power Supply + Electric Drive Integration Layout 
6.1.15 Product Development Mode based on Technology Platform 
6.2 FinDreams Powertrain
6.2.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.2.2 Eight-in-One Electric Powertrain (1)
6.2.3 Eight-in-One Electric Powertrain (2)
6.2.4 Eight-in-One Electric Powertrain (3)
6.2.5 Eight-in-One Electric Powertrain (4)
6.3 Zhejiang EV-Tech Co., Ltd. 
6.3.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.3.2 Product Layout in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control (1)
6.3.3 Product Layout in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control (2)
6.3.4 Price of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.3.5 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain
6.4 Tesla (Sanmina Corporation)
6.4.1 Model 3 OBC
6.4.1 Model S OBC
6.5 Shinry Technologies
6.5.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.5.2 Core Technology: Independent R&D (1)  
6.5.3 Core Technology: Independent R&D (2)  
6.5.4 Product Layout in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control
6.5.5 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.5.6 Product Feature of DC-DC Converters 
6.5.7 Product Feature of OBC  
6.5.8 Product Feature of CDU 
6.5.9 Technology Iterations of CDU 
6.5.10 800V Automotive Battery Products 
6.5.11 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Integrates OBC
6.5.12 Bidirectional Products are positively Developed 
6.5.13 Revenue from Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Product
6.5.14 Price of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.5.15 Capacity and Production/Sales of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.5.16 Capacity Planning of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.5.17 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain 
6.6 Tiecheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.
6.6.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.6.2 Operation in in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.7 Zhuhai Enpower Electric Co., Ltd.
6.7.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.7.2 Product Layout in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.7.3 Revenue Structure of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control 
6.7.4 Price of Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Products
6.7.5 Fund Raising and Production Expansion
6.7.6 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain: Major Clients (1)
6.7.7 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain: Major Clients (1)
6.8.1 Layout and Position in Automotive Power Supply Market 
6.8.2 OBC Products
6.8.3 OBC will Adopt Infineon New Generation SiC Chip 
6.8.4 DC/DC Converter Products
6.8.5 OBC Application: VW ID.3
6.8.6 OBC Application Framework
6.9 Shanghai Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
6.9.1 Layout and Position in Automotive Power Supply Market 
6.9.2 7KW Two-in-One OBC System  
6.9.3 11KW Three-in-One OBC System  
6.9.4 7KW Three-in-One OBC System  
6.10 Meta System (Chongqing)  (Shenzhen Deren Electronic )
6.10.1 Layout and Position in Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Market 
6.10.2 Layout in Automotive Power Supply Field 
6.10.3 Battery/Electric Motor/Electronic Control Industry Chain: Major Clients
6.11 Valeo 
6.11.1 Layout in OBC 

7. Automotive Power Supply Chip Suppliers
7.1 ST
7.1.1 Automotive MCU Product Line 
7.1.2 New Automotive MCU Product: Stellar E
7.1.3 Automotive MCU Partners 
7.1.4 Self-developed MCU-based OBC 
7.1.5 Self-developed MCU-based OBC and DC/DC Integration Solution 
7.1.6 Development Board for Self-developed MCU-based OBC and DC/DC Solution 
7.1.7 Raw Materials for Self-developed MCU-based OBC and DC/DC 
7.1.8 Self-developed MCU-based All-in-One Power Domain 
7.2 TI
7.2.1 MCU Business 
7.2.2 Automotive Power Supply MCU Products: C2000 series
7.2.3 OBC Wake-up Solution Based on MSPM0 MCU
7.2.4 TI Introduces Standalone Active EMI Filter ICs (1)
7.2.5 TI Introduces Standalone Active EMI Filter ICs (2)
7.3 NXP
7.3.1 Automotive MCU Product Line
7.3.2 NXP MCU products that can be used for vehicle power supply: S32K39
7.3.3 NXP MCU Production Base
7.3.4 NXP Electrification Solutions
7.4 OnSemiconductor
7.4.1 Layout in Automotive Electronics Field
7.4.2 Automotive-grade Power Management Chip  
7.4.3 OBC Framework Diagram
7.4.4 Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs for OBC Needs
7.5 ChipON
7.5.1 Profile 
7.5.2 Automotive MCU Product Line
7.5.3 Application Scenario of Automotive MCU 
7.5.4 Major Clients of Automotive MCU
7.6 SemiDrive
7.6.1 Automotive MCU Products: E3 Series
7.6.2 Cooperation with Kotei Information for Power Domain Control Development
7.7 Silergy
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Automotive-grade Power Management Chip  
7.7.3 Chip and Power Devices for Automotive OBC+DC/DC Solution (1)
7.7.4 Chip and Power Devices for Automotive OBC+DC/DC Solution (2)
7.7.5 Chip and Power Devices for Automotive OBC+DC/DC Solution (3)
7.7.6 Chip and Power Devices for Automotive OBC+DC/DC Solution (4)

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