China Passenger Car Electronic Control Suspension Industry Research Report, 2024
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Research on Electronic Control Suspension: The assembly volume of Air Suspension increased by 113% year-on-year in 2023, and the magic carpet suspension of independent brands achieved a breakthrough

ResearchInChina published "China Passenger Car Electronic Control Suspension Industry Research Report, 2024", which combs Electronic Control Suspension industry chain and its applications, reflects the current market development situation and forecast future development trend.

Electronic Control Suspension can be divided into full active suspension and semi-active suspension according to whether it contains power source. Full active suspension contains power source, usually refers to as "active suspension"; Semi-active suspension or passive active suspension does not contain power source. Active suspension can adjust two parameters of suspension damping and stiffness, while semi-active suspension can adjust one of the two parameters.


1. In 2023, the assembly volume of Air Suspension exceeded 600,000 units, up 113.1% year on year

In 2023, the assembly volume of CDC hydraulic suspension is close to 1.3 million vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 52.7%, and the assembly rate increases by 1.9 percentage points year-on-year. Driven by emerging auto brands, the assembly volume of Air Suspension in 2023 exceeded 600,000 units, a surge of 113.1%.


According to statistics, the starting price of Air Suspension carrying models in 2023 has dipped to the range of 190,000 yuan, NIO, Li Auto, Xpeng, Voyah, Zeekr and other brands have equipped with air spring as standard configuration, it is expected that in 2024, the air spring assembly will continue to double.


2. Domestic OEMS have achieved a breakthrough in magic carpet suspension

Magic carpet suspension was first carried on Mercedes-Benz models, which called it "MAGIC BODY CONTROL system". The system realizes the road scanning function through stereo camera on the upper part of front windshield. After calculating the data, the adjustment of active suspension system can achieve the purpose of making body always maintain horizontal posture.

 Later, BMW also launched the magic carpet intelligent Air Suspension system, which is composed of dynamic vibration reduction control, overall active steering, intelligent four-wheel drive, four-wheel speed sensors, front and rear axle electric active stabilizer bar, binocular camera, Air Suspension and other components. The system can scan the road information for up to 14 meters in front of the vehicle, and it can raise the car body by 20mm on a bumpy road surface.

 In addition to luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, domestic OEMs have also made a breakthrough in the field of magic carpet suspension in recent years.

 The "magic carpet chassis", carried by Voyah Zhuiguang which is available on market in December 2023, has key components including four CDC shock absorbers, air springs, and a shared ADAS front-view camera, etc. The front-facing camera scans the road data of 5-15 meters in front of the vehicle in real time, and transmits it to active suspension controller to adjust suspension status.

Voyah Zhuiguang PHEV magic carpet chassis can adjust mileage to 65mm, adjustment accuracy to 2mm. The system can judge the road surface condition and the vehicle state for 500 times per second, and the shock absorber can realize 100 times of real-time control per second.

In addition to Voyah, BYD's self-developed Yunnian-X also belongs to magic carpet suspension. The main components of Yunnian-X system include forward binocular camera, active anti-tilt rod, double valve shock absorber, air spring, height sensor, Yunnian intelligent computing center, etc. The system is based on damping control technology, height control technology, intelligent perception technology, stiffness control technology, four-wheel linkage technology and full active control technology. In addition to the traditional magic carpet function, Yunnian-X can still ensure that the vehicle continues to have driving ability when the single front wheel of the vehicle falls off. In addition, it also has the functions of camping leveling, four-wheel grounding, suspension 500mm/s height maximum adjustment speed.


3. The production capacity of local suppliers is released, and the scale effect drives to further lower the price of electronic control suspension

 Baolong Technology expanded its production capacity twice in 2021 and 2023. It is expected that after the complete release of capacity under construction in 2028, 4.84 million air spring shock absorber assembly and independent air spring, 1 million air supply units (ASU), 1.04 million suspension controllers and 2.74 million gas storage tanks will be realized.

As of the orders disclosed in September 2023, the order value of Baolong Technology is more than 5 billion yuan, and it is expected to ship 3.16 million air spring shock absorber assembly and independent air spring, and 2.21 million gas storage tank and other products in 2026.


According to the forecast of Baolong Technology, the unit price of air spring shock absorber assembly in 2027 is 1120 yuan, compared with 2024, a decrease of nearly 9 percentage points, and the unit price of air supply unit in 2027 is 329 yuan, a decrease of nearly 8 percentage points.


 In addition to Baolong Technology, KH Automotive Technologies has also obtained designated letters from more than 30 models of 14 mainstream OEMS, including Li Auto, Voyah, Zeekr, Lynk, Chery, BYD, Geely Englon, Avatr, Changan and others. It is expected that the total supply of models will reach 32 in 2024, and Air Suspension delivery volume of 0.8-1 million sets will be achieved within the year.

In September 2023, KH Automotive Technologies completed C round of financing of 300 million yuan, which will be mainly used for a series of capital expenditure such as plant and equipment involved in the new production capacity and supporting working capital support. At present, the annual capacity of KH Automotive Technologies is about 700,000 sets. In the future, new production lines will be opened in Suzhou, Chongqing and other places.

1 Overview of Electronic Control Suspension Industry
1.1 Automotive Suspension System
1.2 Definition and Classification of Electronic Control Suspension System

1.3 Semi-active Suspension
1.3.1 Mainstream Solution of Semi-active Suspension
1.3.2 CDC (Continuously Damping Control)
1.3.3 MRC (Magnetic Ride Control)
1.3.4 Magnetic Rheological Effect

1.4 Active Suspension
1.4.1 Definition of Air Suspension
1.4.2 Main Components of Air Suspension
1.4.3 Technology Evolution of Air Suspension
1.4.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Suspension
1.4.5 Raw Materials and Suppliers of Air Suspension
1.4.5 Main Configuration Models of Air Suspension
1.4.6 Main components of Oil & Gas Suspension

1.5 Magic Carpet Suspension
1.5.1 Definition and Working Principle of Magic Carpet Suspension

1.6 Comparison of Several Electronic Control Suspension
1.7 Main Manufacturers of Electronic Control Suspension and its Supporting Customers
1.8 Manufacturers of Key Components of Electronic Eontrol Suspension and Their Supporting Customers
1.9 Application of Electric Suspension in Passenger Car OEMs
1.10 CDC Hydraulic Suspension Assembly: Assembly Volume and Assembly Rate
1.11 CDC Hydraulic Suspension Assembly: by Price Range
1.12 CDC Hydraulic Suspension Assembly: by Brand
1.13 Air Suspension Assembly: Assembly Volume and Assembly Rate
1.14 Air Suspension Assembly: by Price Range
1.15 Air Suspension Assembly status: by Brand

2 Research on Electronic Control Suspension Suppliers 

2.1 Continental Group
2.1.1 Electronic Air Suspension
2.1.2 Electronic Air Supply Unit
2.1.3 Advantage of Air Supply Unit Products
2.1.4 Air Suspension Damper
2.1.5 Open-loop / Closed-loop Double Solution of Air Supply Unit
2.1.6 Electronic Control Suspension Solution for Different Models
2.1.7 Electronic Suspension Software Solution
2.1.8 Combination Solution of Electronic Control Suspension System
2.1.9 Global Production and Development Layout of Electronic Control Suspension System
2.1.10 Electronic Control Suspension Production Line

2.2 Beijing West Industries
2.2.1 Global R&D and Production Layout
2.2.2 Production Layout in China
2.2.3 Suspension-related Products  
2.2.4 MRD Suspension System  
2.2.5 Air Suspension System
2.2.6 New Active Suspension  

2.3 Vibracoustic
2.3.1 Air Suspension products
2.3.2 Air Spring Classification
2.3.3 Air Spring
2.3.4 Three-chamber Air Spring
2.3.5 New Air Suspension Air Supply Device
2.3.6 Production Layout in China

2.4 ZF
2.4.1 Development Route of Suspension Technology
2.4.2 Comparison of Active Suspension System Capability
2.4.3 New Active Vibration Reduction System
2.4.4 Composition Solution of New Active Vibration Reduction System
2.4.5 Electronic Elevation System
2.4.6 High Pressure MPU
2.4.7 Pre-control Damping System
2.4.8 Double-Cylinder Air Compressor
2.4.9 SACHS Single-cylinder Shock Absorber
2.4.10 SACHS Double-cylinder Shock Absorber
2.4.11 SACHS CDC

2.5 Mando
2.5.1 Electronic Control Suspension Products
2.5.2 Intelligent Frequency Conversion Damper
2.5.3 Hydraulic Compression Stop
2.5.4 Intelligent Damping Control System
2.5.5 Self Levelizer

2.6 Baolong Technology
2.6.1 Global Layout 
2.6.2 Layout of Electronic Control Suspension Related Products
2.6.3 Composition of Electronic Control Air Suspension System
2.6.4 Electronic Control Air Suspension Controller
2.6.5 Function List of Electronic Control Air Suspension
2.6.6 Control Strategy of Electronic Control Air Suspension System
2.6.7 Active Suspension Road Surface Pre-Scanning System
2.6.8 Active Suspension Road Surface Pre-Scanning System and ADAS Combined Solution
2.6.9 Designated Projects of Air Suspension Products
2.6.10 Shipment Estimate  
2.6.11 Capacity Expansion 

2.7 KH Automotive Technologies
2.7.1 Development History
2.7.2 Production and R&D Base
2.7.3 Product Layout
2.7.4 Product R&D Rhythm 
2.7.5 Double-cavity Air Spring
2.7.6 Shipments and Future Forecast  
2.7.7 Designated Models and Supply Products  
2.7.8 Upstream Partners

2.8 Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
2.8.1 Profile
2.8.2 Designated Projects 
2.8.3 Layout of Air Suspension System Integration R&D of wholly-owned Subsidiary
2.8.4 Air Spring Development

2.9 Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd.
2.9.1 Closed Air Suspension System  
2.9.2 Air Supply Unit (ASU)  
2.9.3 Technical Route of Closed ASU
2.9.4 Comparison between Open System and Closed System
2.9.4 Development and Production Capacity of Key Components of Air Suspension
2.9.5 Composition of Air Spring  
2.9.6 Air Suspension Solution  
2.9.7 Capacity Planning  

2.10 Gates Electroncis
2.10.1 Profile
2.10.2 Iterative Route of Suspension
2.10.3 CDC Continuous Damping Adjustable Dampers
2.10.4, Air Suspension System
2.10.5 Intelligent Chassis Suspension Control System Technical Route
2.10.6 800V Hydraulic Suspension Electronic Control System
2.10.7 Hardware Architecture of 800V Hydraulic Suspension Electronic Control System Domain Controller 
2.10.8 Zonal Controller Software Function of 800V Hydraulic Suspension Electronic Control System 
2.10.9 Intelligent Chassis Suspension Integrated Domain Control Technology Route
2.10.10 Integrated Domain Control System of Intelligent Suspension
2.10.11 Software Functions of Intelligent Suspension Integrated Domain Control System
2.10.12 Application Scenario

2.11 Nanyang CIJAN Auto Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.
2.11.1 Suspension Products and Controllers
2.11.2 Adaptive Damping Shock Absorber System
2.11.3 Electronic Control Air Spring Suspension System
2.11.4 Composition of Electronic Control Air Suspension System
2.11.5 Intelligent Electronic Control Suspension System
2.11.6 Full Active Suspension System
2.11.7 Electronic Control Suspension Sensor Configuration Solution

2.12 Active Suspension System of Exquisite Automotive
2.13 Road Surface Pre-scanning System of Smart Eye 
2.14 Air Suspension of Tianrun Industry Technology

3 Research on Electronic Control Suspension Supply Chain

3.1 Shock Absorber
3.1.1 Tenneco Monroe Damper Variable Suspension Product Line

3.1.2 Bilstein
3.1.3 LORD  

3.1.4 Bohai New Material Magnetorheological Fluid MRD Damper MRD Vehicle Controller

3.1.5 Cosmartor Intelligent Suspension Tech Magnetorheological Fluid MRD Damper ECU MRD Intelligent Suspension System MRD Intelligent Suspension System Architecture MRD Intelligent Suspension System Control Function

3.1.6 Shock Absorber of Other Manufacturers Shock Absorber of ADD Indutry (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. MRD Suspension of Chaoshang Technology

3.2 Controller
3.2.1 ClearMotion ClearMotion1 RoadMotion China Layout in China of ClearMotion

3.2.2 Controllers of Other Vendors Electronic Control Unit of Active Suspension of Chengdu Mingran Intelligent Technology Intelligent Suspension Controller of SDrive Technology Chassis-by-wire Domain Controller of HiRain Suspension Controller of UAES Suspension Damping Control Solenoid Valve of UAES

3.3 Air Supply Unit

3.3.1 AMK China
3.3.2 WABCO

3.3.3 Air Supply Units of Other Manufacturers Air Suspension Electronic Air Pump Unit LeeKr Technology Gas Storage Tank of Wabco

4 Research on Application of Electronic Control Suspension for Domestic Passenger Cars
4.1 BYD
4.1.1 Electronic Control Suspension Products
4.1.2 Comparison of BYD Yunnian system
4.1.3 Yunnian-C
4.1.4 Yunnian-A
4.1.5 Yunnian-A Real Vehicle Layout
4.1.6 Yunnian-P
4.1.7 Yunnian-X
4.1.8 Yunnian Perception System
4.1.9 Damping Control technology
4.1.10 Damping Control technology
4.1.11 Hydraulic Stiffness Control technology
4.1.12 Yunnian Control technology

4.2 AITO
4.2.1 Huawei Tuling Intelligent Chassis
4.2.2 MFSS System
4.2.3 HUAWEI DATS 3.0 Dynamic Adaptive Torque Control System
4.2.4 XMotion Intelligent Body Collaborative Control System
4.2.5 AITO M9 Tuling Intelligent Chassis Parameters Improvement
4.2.6 Tuling Chassis Performance Improvement Performance

4.3 NIO
4.4 Xpeng
4.5 Chery
4.6 Voyah
4.7 Li Auto
4.8 Mercedes Benz
4.9 BMW
4.10 Audi
4.11 Cadillac
4.12 Tesla
4.13 Zeekr
4.14 FAW Hongqi
4.15 Lynk  

5 Summary and Development Trend of Electronic Control Suspension Industry
5.1 Trend 1
5.2 Trend 2
5.3 Trend 3
5.4 Trend 4
5.5 Trend 5
5.6 Trend 6
5.7 Trend 7

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