Veeko (HKG:1173): Shantou Yingko Dissolved on Jan 10


Veeko International Holdings (HKG:1173) announced that Shantou Yingko Fashion Company Limited, owned by Veeko Investment Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Veeko International, was dissolved on 10 January 2012. Necessary filings had been completed and relevant approvals had been obtained in the PRC.

Shantou Yingko was an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and it was principally engaged in manufacturing of garments. The dissolution of Shantou Yingko was part of Veeko International's strategy to re-deploy its business and to centralise its manufacturing operations in Shantou Yungao Fashion Company Limited. Most of the original staff of Shantou Yingko had been employed by Shantou Yungao after the dissolution of Shantou Yingko.


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