Zhonglun Park to Build 'Year-round Blossom' Theme Park in Xiamen


Xiamen plans to build Zhonglun Park as a 'Year-round Blossom' theme park in the city, reports Xiamen Economic Daily.

According to the latest plan, Zhonglun Park is set to be built as the largest park in Xiamen, covering nearly 650,000 square meters, which will be mainly decorated with flowers and plants.

Apart from cherry blossom trees and peach blossom trees, visitors are expected to appreciate various blossoms and ecological landscapes in four seasons by that time.

In addition, the largest children’s park in Xiamen will be built at the west side of Zhonglun Park in Zhonglun Park, covering 35,000 square meters, which is scheduled to open free to the public before National Day on 1st Oct this year.

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