ZMJ Plans to List on H-share in 2012 to Expand Overseas Market


ZMJ plans to release no more than 200 million H-shares in 2012 and the preparations for list have started in February 2012. The raised capital is mainly invested to establish sale network in North America, Australia and South Africa to expand the local market, build maintenance & manufacture base in Russia and India, set up a research institute in Germany to absorb the latest coal machinery production technology.

The hydraulic supports developed by ZMJ have high cost performance and competitiveness in international market, its high-end hydraulic supports have exported to Russia, India, Turkey and so on and the company go all out to expand in U.S and other developed countries in2011. The order amounts from international market increase by 690% YoY to USD 113 million in 2011 and target at USD 1 billion in 2012.


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