Shantui displays diversified product lines and CE certified products at Intermat


For many decades now Shantui’s name has been synonymous with the word “bulldozer” in China. It has also earned the nickname “King of the Hill” in China as Shantui’s share of the bulldozer market has consistently ranked above 70%, both in domestic and export shares.

Today, however, Shantui makes much more than bulldozers. After a decade of diversification and rapid growth, Shantui now produces the entire gamut of earthmoving, road machinery and concrete handling equipment, as well as a growing line of public-use vehicles such as fire engines and truck cranes. Its road rollers, wheel loaders, graders, excavators and forklifts are all making excellent inroads into markets at home and abroad.

At INTERMAT 2012, Shantui is flexing not only its diversified muscles, but also products that have qualified for sale in European markets, having met the strict CE and other standards. These are the SD16 bulldozer, Shantui’s best-seller, and its newest forklift, the SF30. Other products on display are the SL50W-3 wheel loader, an SR12-5 road roller, and the monster SD32 bulldozer.

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