China Electric Vehicle Drive Motor Industry Report, 2018-2022
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The Chinese market size of electric motors and motor controllers posted RMB20.2 billion in 2017 and is projected to approach RMB30 billion in 2020. The market will be expanding if the integrated electric drive solutions grow popular and the three including electric motor, reducer and motor controller are increasingly fused into one or if the N-to-1 integration of functions like electric motor, reducer, motor controller, DC/DC and power distribution unit is brought into a reality, at which the majority of electric motor and motor controller companies are attempting.

In the first half of 2018, a total of 405,000 electric motors were equipped by more than 160 suppliers to the new energy vehicle (NEV) in China. Despite there are numerous firms in the electric motor market for the moment, the electric motor market concentration is on a rapidly rise in 2018 judging from installations.

In the first half of 2018, the top ten players by motor shipments held a lion’s share of 71.53% together, a jump of 13.97 percentage points from the same period of 2017. Elaborately, the highest installation touched 94,500 units, while over 110 firms were each with motor shipment of less than 1,000 units. As the market concentration climbs, the gap between motor companies is broadening. Besides the automakers that supply electric motors by themselves, such competitors are growing advantageous, as United Automotive Electronic Systems (UAES), JEE Automation Equipment, Jing-Jin Electric Technologies, Shanghai Edrive, and Zhejiang Founder Motor.


Most Chinese electric motor and motor controller manufacturers have sprung up from the new energy commercial vehicle market with a low entry barrier and harboring numerous enterprises. While the market becomes concentrated and subsidies descend, the electric motor makers are confronted with the amounting pressure from the rising prices of raw materials and a fall in profits.

By types, permanent magnet synchronous motor plays a key part in the electric motor market, with its installations (mainly for passenger cars) finding a 78.4% share in all motor installations to new energy vehicle in China in 2017, asynchronous AC motor swept 21.5% by installations and got primarily utilized in commercial vehicle, and other types of electric motors seized 0.1% or so. Permanent magnet synchronous motor is currently the best choice for electric passenger cars and sees a burgeoning market share.

In general, competition between electric motor and motor controller suppliers will prick up and gross margin of products will be volatile as the subsidies for new energy vehicle are going down in the next a few years. In the medium term, the industrial pattern will remain unchanged in Chinese new energy vehicle market (key roleplaying by automakers as well as the battery, electric motor and motor controller producers as the suppliers of core components).

The report highlights the following:
20120114.gifDevelopment of new energy vehicle (NEV) drive motor industry in China (including industrial chains, cost analysis, business model, competitive landscape and key players competing each other, and elaboration on competitive patterns of passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle drive motors), and analysis on status quo and development tendencies of drive motor technologies;
20120114.gif22 Chinese and 6 global drive motor companies (operation, development strategy, supply chain, NEV drive motor business, etc.);
20120114.gifNew energy vehicle (NEV) drive motor industry (definition and classification of vehicle drive motors, analysis on upstream and downstream industry chains); 20120114.gifEnvironments for industry operation (policy climate, NEV market development and impact to the vehicle drive motor industry).

1 Electric Vehicle (EV) Drive Motor Industry
1.1 Introduction to Drive Motor
1.2 Introduction to Drive Motor Controller
1.3 Applications of Drive Motor
1.3.1 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
1.3.2 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

2 China Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry
2.1 Policies
2.1.1 Policy on Fiscal Subsidies
2.1.2 Policy on Battery Recycling
2.1.3 Preferential Tax Policy
2.1.4 Production License Policy
2.2 EV Market
2.2.1 Global Market
2.2.2 Chinese Market

3 China Electric Vehicle (EV) Drive Motor Industry
3.1 Industrial Chain
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Major Manufacturers and Competition
3.3.1 Competitive Landscape
3.3.2 Competition in Passenger Vehicle Drive Motor
3.3.3 Competition in Bus Drive Motor
3.4 Technology Trends
3.4.1 Status Quo of Technologies
3.4.2 Trend – Permanent Magnetization
3.4.3 Trend -- Integration
3.4.4 Trend -- Digitalization
3.4.5 Trend – Hub Motor
3.4.6 Status Quo and Outlook of Electric Vehicle (EV) Hybrid Drive and Hybrid Braking Systems

4 Major Chinese Drive Motor Companies
4.1 Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd.
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Operation
4.1.3 Development Strategy
4.1.4 EV Motor Business
4.1.5 Investments in and Production Capacity of Drive Motor
4.2 Shanghai Edrive Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Operation
4.2.3 Supply Chain
4.2.4 Drive Motors and Technologies
4.2.5 Investments in and Production Capacity of Drive Motor
4.3 Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Operation
4.3.3 Drive Motors
4.3.4 R&D
4.3.5 Investments in and Production Capacity of Drive Motor
4.4 Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd.
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Operation
4.4.3 EV Motor Business
4.5 Shanghai DAJUN Technologies
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Operation
4.5.3 Supply Chain
4.5.4 Drive Motors
4.6 Jing-Jin Electric Technologies
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Operation
4.6.3 EV Motor Business
4.7 Zhejiang Founder Motor
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Operation
4.7.3 Supply Chain
4.7.4 Drive Motors
4.7.5 Investments in Drive Motor
4.7.6 Production Capacity of Drive Motor
4.8 Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd.
4.8.1 Profile
4.8.2 Operation
4.8.3 EV Motor Business
4.9 Xinzhi Motor Co., Ltd.
4.9.1 Profile
4.9.3 EV Motor Business
4.10Jiangxi Special Electric Motor Co., Ltd. (JSMC)
4.10.1 Profile
4.10.2 Operation
4.10.3 EV Motor Business
4.11 China Tex Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Ltd.
4.11.1 Profile
4.11.3 EV Motor Business
4.12 Zhejiang Unite Motor Co., Ltd.
4.12.1 Profile
4.12.3 EV Motor Business
4.13 Others
4.13.1 Dalian Motor Group Co., Ltd.
4.13.2 Shenzhen Greatland Electrics Inc.
4.13.3 United Automotive Electronic Systems Co.,Ltd. (UAES)
4.13.4 Shandong Lanji New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.
4.13.5 HUAYU Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
4.13.6 Jiangsu Weiteli Motor Limited By Share Ltd.
4.13.7 Wuxi Myway Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd.
4.13.8 Shanghai Yingshuang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd
4.13.9 Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

5 Global Drive Motor Companies
5.1 Robert Bosch
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 EV Motor Business
5.2 ZF Friedrichshafen AG
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.3 EV Motor Business
5.3 Continental AG
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.3 EV Motor Business
5.4 Aisin AW
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.3 EV Motor Business
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.3 EV Motor Business
5.6 AC Propulsion (ACP)
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 EV Motor Business
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.3 EV Motor Business
Composition of Drive Motor’s Driving System
Comparison of Parameters between EV Drive Motor and Conventional Motors
Classification of EV Drive Motor
Technical Features of EV Drive Motors by Type
Parameters of EV Drive Motors by Type 
Block Diagram of Drive Motor Controller
Control Strategies and Current Application of Drive Motors by Type
Structure of BEV Drive Motor System
Working Principle and Application of HEV Drive Motor System
Structure of MHEV Drive Motor System 
Structure of Range-extended Power System
Drive Motor System of BYD Tang PHEV
Dual-motor Hybrid Engine of Toyota Prius
China’s New Energy Passenger Car Subsidy Standards, 2018
Comparison of Subsidy Standards among Electric Buses in China (Central Finance), 2018
Monthly Sales of NEVs (EV&PHEV) Worldwide, 2014-2018
Ranking of Global NEV Enterprises by Sales, Jan-Sept 2018
Sales of Electric Passenger Cars (EV&PHEV) Worldwide, 2014-2022E
Production and Sales of EVs in China, 2011-2018.1-9
Monthly Production of EVs (Special Vehicles & Commercial Vehicles) in China, 2016-2017
China’s Production of Electric Buses, 2016-2017
China’s Production of Battery Electric Trucks, 2015-2017
Market Share of Battery Electric Passenger Car Enterprises in China, 2018.1-9
Monthly Sales of Electric Passenger Cars in China, 2017-2018.1-9
Ranking of New Energy Passenger Car Sales in China by Auto Model, Jan-Sep 2018
Sales of New Energy Passenger Car (EV&PHEV) Enterprises in China, 2016-2018(Jan.-Sept.)
Price Structure of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drive Motor
Cost Structure of Motor Controller
Global Automotive Drive Motor/Inverter Market Size, 2015-2030E
Global BEV Drive Motor Market Size, 2015-2030E
China’s EV Drive Motor System Market Size, 2014-2020E
China’s New Energy Vehicle Drive Motor Shipments, 2013-2018H1
Main Types of Drive Motor and System Enterprises
Installations of Top10 Drive Motor Manufacturers and Top10 Controller Manufacturers, 2017
Automakers and Vehicle Models Backed by Top10 Drive Motor Manufacturers (Excluding OEMs), 2017
Installations and Supported Automakers of Top10 Drive Motor Manufacturers, 2018H1
Main Drive Motor and Controller Manufacturers in China
Seven Supply Modes of Motor and Controller Manufacturers in China
Motor Controller IGBT Manufacturers Worldwide
Motor Industry Distribution and Supply Relationship
Types of Motors Adopted by China-made Battery Electric Passenger Cars, 2017
Types of Motors Adopted by China-made Battery Electric Passenger Cars, 2015
Supply Relationship between Major Electric Bus Drive Motors and Controllers in China
Drive Comparison between Centralized and Hub Motors
Structure of Electric Drive Systems of Top10 Best-selling EVs Worldwide, 2016H1
Special Plan for China Electric Vehicle Industry during the 12th Fiver-year Plan Period (2011-2015) 
Methods and Effects of Motor and Controller Integration 
BorgWarner (Left) and ZF (Right)’s Drive Motor and Single-stage Reducer Integration 
Digitalization of Motor Control System
IGBT Technology Roadmap 
Block Diagram of Driving System of Hub Motor with Inner Rotor Structure
Hub Motor Applicable to Various New Energy Vehicle Models
Operation of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor, 2014-2018Q3
Revenue Structure of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor (by Sector), 2018H1
Revenue Structure of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor (by Region), 2013-2018H1
Gross Margin of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor, 2012-2018H1 
Gross Margin of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor (by Product), 2014-2018H1
Ten-year Development Strategy of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor
Ten-year Development Strategy and Executors of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor
Production and Sales of New Energy Vehicle Powertrains of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor, 2014-2017
Major Subsidiaries of Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor
Equity Structure of Shanghai Edrive (before Acquisition)
Capacity and Sales of Drive Motor System of Shanghai Edrive, 2013-2017 
Operating Results of Shanghai Edrive, 2009-2018H1
Types and Parameters of Drive Motor System of Shanghai Edrive
Dimensions and Appearance of Drive Motor System of Shanghai Edrive
Ranking by Monthly Sales of Public Buses, 2017
Types and Parameters of Drive Motors Made by Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle
Revenue and Net Income of Wanxiang Qianchao, 2013-2018H1
Revenue Structure of Wanxiang Qianchao (by Product), 2013-2018H1
Revenue Breakdown of Wanxiang Qianchao (by Product), 2011-2016H1
Revenue Structure of Wanxiang Qianchao (by Region), 2011-2016H1
Wanxiang Qianchao’s Revenue from Top 5 Customers, 2015
Gross Margin of Wanxiang Qianchao, 2012-2016H1
Gross Margin of Wanxiang Qianchao (by Product), 2011-2016H1
Operating Performance of Shanghai DAJUN Technologies, 2012-2017
Major Customers of Shanghai DAJUN Technologies
Drive Motor Product System of Shanghai DAJUN Technologies
Parameters and Application of Drive Motor s of Shanghai DAJUN Technologies
Specifications of Drive Motors Made by JJE
ISG Hybrid - Maintenance-Free Plug-In Hybrid System of JJE
EMAT Drive Assembly of JJE
Revenue and Net Income of Zhejiang Founder Motor, 2012-2018Q1-Q3
Revenue of Zhejiang Founder Motor (by Product), 2014-2018H1
Revenue Structure of Zhejiang Founder Motor (by Region), 2012-2018H1
Gross Margin of Zhejiang Founder Motor, 2012-2018H1
Framework and Layout in EV Drive Control Field
Revenue and Net Income of Wolong Electric Group, 2011-2018Q1-Q3
R&D Expenditure of Wolong Electric Group, 2011-2018H1
Revenue Structure of Wolong Electric Group (by Product), 2011-2017
Revenue Structure of Wolong Electric Group (by Region), 2012-2017 
Gross Margin of Wolong Electric Group, 2011-2018 H1
Gross Margin of Wolong Electric Group (by Product), 2011-2017
Revenue and Net Income of Xinzhi Motor, 2012-2018
Revenue Structure of Xinzhi Motor (by Product), 2015-2018H1
Revenue Structure of Xinzhi Motor (by Region), 2011-2016H1
Xinzhi Motor’s Revenue from Top 5 Customers, 2015
Gross Margin of Xinzhi Motor, 2011-2018H1
Gross Margin of Xinzhi Motor (by Product), 2015-2018H1
Revenue and Net Income of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor, 2011-2018Q1-Q3
Revenue Structure of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor (by Product), 2018H1
Revenue Structure of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor (by Region), 2013-2018H1
Gross Margin of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor, 2012-2018Q1-Q3
Gross Margin of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor (by Product), 2015-2016H1
Jiangxi Special Electric Motor’s Subsidiaries Involved in EV Business
Drive Motor R&D of Jiangxi Special Electric Motor
Specifications of EV SRD Motor Made by China Tex MEE
Revenue and Net Income of Bosch, 2013-2017
R&D Expenditure of Bosch, 2013-2017
Revenue Structure of Bosch (by Business), 2017
Revenue of ZF Friedrichshafen AG (by Business), 2016-2017
R&D Expenditure of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, 2013-2017
Revenue of ZF Friedrichshafen AG (by Region), 2016-2017
Revenue of Continental AG, 2016-2018Q3
Revenue Structure of Continental AG (by Division), 2017
Revenue and Operating Income of Aisin AW, FY2015-FY2018 
Revenue Structure of Aisin AW (by Division) and Aisin AW’s Revenue from Main Customers, FY2017-FY2018
Revenue Structure of Aisin AW (by Region), FY2018 
Revenue and Net Income of Hyundai Mobis, 2017-2018H1
Order Analysis of Hyundai Mobis, 2018H1
Customers and Product Progress of Hyundai Mobis, 2018H1
Profit, Assets and Liabilities of Siemens, FY2014-FY2018
Specifications and Appearance of Passenger Car Drive Motor of Siemens
Composition of Commercial Vehicle ELFA Drive System of Siemens

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