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Integrated Die Casting Research: adopted by nearly 20 OEMs, integrated die casting gains popularity. 

Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina summarizes and studies the status quo of integrated die casting industry and the industry chain products layout of OEMs and suppliers, and predicts the future development trends of the integrated die casting industry.  
1. Multiple breakthroughs have been made in the integrated die casting upstream supply chain (die casting machines, molds and non-heat-treatable materials).

Super-large die casting machine: At present, the tonnage of super-large die casting machines has been increased from 6000T to 16000T, and die casting machine suppliers are developing 20000T die casting machines.
Large die casting machines are the basis for automotive integrated die casting. Generally speaking, integrated die casting requires die casting machines with >6000T clamping force. Currently, only IDRA, Brown, Boveri & Cie, L.K. Technology, Haitian Die Casting and YIZUMI can produce 6000T die casting machines. In October 2023, L.K. Technology unveiled a 16000T super-large intelligent die casting unit, making a breakthrough in clamping force increased from 6000T to 16000T in only three years. It is the largest die casting machine in the world so far, and is expected to cover class A0-C and SUV models.   

一体化压铸 1.png

Now, Tesla, L.K. Technology and Haitian Die Casting among others have started deploying and developing >20000T die casting machines.  
In June 2023, Haitian Die Casting and Chongqing Millison Technologies announced that they would jointly develop 20000T super-large die casting machines.
In December 2023, L.K. Technology and Neta Auto signed a strategic cooperation agreement on joint R&D of >20000T super-large die casting equipment to expand the application of integrated die casting to the chassis of class B vehicles. 
Integrated die casting mold: At present, the self-weight of an integrated die casting mold has exceeded 250 tons.
Before 2023, in China only a few mold manufacturers such as GZDM Technology, Ningbo Sciveda Mould (SWD), and ZDM (Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould had the capacity to produce ultra-large integrated molds. However quite a few companies including Chongqing Millison, Rayhoo Motor Dies, Chongqing Borun Mould Manufacturing and Ningbo Xinlin Mould Technology can produce super-large molds now. Although HLGY and Qixin Mould have yet to mass-produce actual products, they are vigorously making layout.   
From the perspective of mold technology, significant breakthroughs have been made in R&D of integrated die casting molds. In 2019 when only having experience in producing 50T molds, ZDM (Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould secured an order from a new energy vehicle company for a body structure mold weighing 80 tons, which was the largest mold in the world at that time. The integrated body structure die casting mold self-developed by Ningbo ZDM in May 2023 weighs 250 tons and can assist OEMs in integrated die casting of front and rear chassis. From 50T and 80T to current 150T, 200T and 250T, ZDM (Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould has kept breaking records.     

一体化压铸 2_副本.png

Non-heat-treatable materials: domestic manufacturers have embarked on non-heat-treatable materials by way of patent licensing, independent R&D, and cooperation with universities or automakers, accelerating localization.
The composition of non-heat-treatable materials is complex. First movers have obvious advantages. Alcoa and Rheinfelden announced their non-heat-treatable materials as early as the 1990s, while China’s first entrant Lizhong Group stepped into the market in 2020. Nowadays, many manufacturers and universities in China, such as Shanghai Yongmaotai Automotive Technology, Hubei Xinjinyang, Weiqiao Pioneering, Suzhou Huijin Smart Technology, Xiaomi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Guangdong Hongtu Technology, have acquired non-heat-treatable materials patents by way of independent or cooperative R&D.      

In August 2023, Xiaomi Automobile secured a non-heat-treatable material patent for "Xiaomi Titans Metal", its self-developed alloy material.

一体化压铸 3.png

In November 2022, "Xianjing” (fiber crystal), a new non-heat-treatable high-strength high-toughness aluminum alloy material co-developed by ZEEKR and Suzhou Huijin Smart Technology Co., Ltd., officially came into production.  

一体化压铸 4.png

2. Application of integrated die casting in vehicle body: from rear underbody to front cabins, middle integrated die cast parts and battery trays. 
Since Tesla used a 6000T die casting machine to mass-produce the rear underbody assembly for Model Y for the first time in 2020, other automakers in China such as NIO, Xpeng, Li Auto, Xiaomi, ZEEKR, AITO and Neta have also laid out integrated die casting. At present this technology has been adopted in multiple models, and finds application in front cabins and middle integrated die cast parts in addition to rear underbodies.      
As of April 2024, integrated die casting had been used in mass production of rear underbodies, front cabins and middle integrated die cast parts and battery trays, as shown below:   

Rear underbody: Chinese emerging carmakers have gradually realized the mass production of integrated die cast rear underbodies for models such as NIO ET5, Xiaomi SU7, ZEEKR 009/007/ New ZEEKR 001 and AITO M9. 
Front cabin: some automakers can mass-produce front cabin components for models such as new NIO ES8 and Xpeng G6/X9.  
Middle integrated die cast parts: the middle integrated die cast parts for ZEEKR 001 FR has been mass-produced.   
Battery tray: L.K. Technology has mass-produced the world's largest integrated battery tray, which is about 2180*1500*110 in size.

一体化压铸 5_副本.png

It is expected that integrated die casting will cover battery case upper cover, middle floor, and underbody assembly in 2027. Tesla, FAW and Xpeng already have plans:  
Tesla: it plans to replace the 370-component underbody assembly with 2-3 large die cast parts in 2025. The weight will be reduced by 30% and the manufacturing cost by 40%. 
FAW: in November 2023, the integrated die casting super factory of FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. planned to build a new 9000T die casting unit and processing line. The project mainly produces integrated front cabins, rear underbodies and CTC battery case upper covers for Hongqi's new models E802 and EHS9. With the annual capacity of 85,700 die-cast parts, it is expected to be completed in June 2024.  
Xpeng: in October 2023, He Xiaopeng revealed that the internal team was pre-researching the next-generation CIB + center floor integrated die casting technology and expanding a 16000T die casting machine which can produce larger die cast parts, such as large-size battery case.

一体化压铸 6.png

1 Overview of Automotive Integrated Die Casting Industry
1.1 Development Background of Integrated Die-casting Industry
1.2 China’s Policies Concerning Integrated Die Casting 
1.3 Definition of Integrated Die Casting Industry
1.4 Comparison between Integrated Die Casting and Conventional Processes
1.5 Development History of Integrated Die Casting Industry
1.6 Advantages of Integrated Die Casting
1.7 Disadvantages of Integrated Die Casting
1.8 Application of Main Integrated Die-cast Parts in Vehicles
1.8 Application of Main Integrated Die-cast Parts in Vehicles
1.8.1 Integrated Die Casting Application (1): Rear Underbody
1.8.2 Integrated Die Casting Application (2): Front Cabin + Rear Underbody
1.8.3 Integrated Die Casting Application (3): Battery Tray
1.8.4 Integrated Die Casting Application (4): middle underbody + CTC Battery Pack Upper Cover
1.8.5 Integrated Die Casting Application (45: Skateboard Chassis
1.9 Integrated Die Casting Industry Chain Layout
1.10 Integrated Die Casting Industry Layout: Upstream
1.11 Integrated Die Casting Industry Layout: Midstream (1)
1.11 Integrated Die Casting Industry Layout: Midstream (2)
1.12 Integrated Die Casting Industry Layout: Downstream (1)
1.12 Integrated Die Casting Industry Layout: Downstream (2)

2 Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting
2.1 Principle of Integrated Die Casting Technology
2.2 Technical Barriers to Integrated Die Casting
2.3 Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting: Large-tonnage Die Casting Machine
2.3.1 Technical Difficulties and Status Quo of Large-tonnage Die Casting Machine
2.3.2 Layout of Large-tonnage Die Casting Machine Manufacturers
2.4 Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting: Mold
2.4.1 Technical Barriers and Performance Requirements of Mold
2.4.2 Layout of Mold Manufacturers (1)
2.4.2 Layout of Mold Manufacturers (2)
2.5 Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting: Non-heat-treated Materials
2.5.1 Barriers and Features of Non-heat-treated Materials
2.5.2 Non-heat-treated Alloy Technology Routes and Performance Comparison
2.5.3 Layout of Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material Manufacturers
2.6 Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting: Die Casting Process
2.6.1 Overview of Integrated Die Casting Process
2.6.2 Integrated Die casting Process Key Indicator (1)
2.6.2 Integrated Die casting Process Key Indicator (2)
2.6.2 Integrated Die casting Process Key Indicator (3)
2.6.3 Integrated Die Casting Process Requirements
2.6.4 Key Point of Integrated Die Casting Process Control
2.7 Other Key Technologies of Integrated Die Casting: Die Casting Simulation Technology

3 Integrated Die Casting Layout of OEMs
3.1 Tesla 
3.1.1 Integrated Die Casting Progress
3.1.2 Integrated Die Casting Technical Advantages
3.1.3 Integrated Die Casting Technology 2.0
3.1.4 Integrated Die Casting Technology Breakthrough
3.1.5 Integrated Die Casting Technology Patent
3.1.6 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (1)
3.1.6 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (2)
3.1.6 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (3)
3.1.6 Integrated Collapse Shrinks Energy Absorption System (4)
3.1.7 Integrated Die Casting Factory Layout
3.1.8 Integrated Die Casting Application Models
3.1.9 Integrated Die Casting Future Plans
3.2 NIO 
3.2.1 Integrated Die Casting Solution: Body Rear Floor
3.2.2 Integrated Die Casting Solution: All-aluminum Rear subframe
3.2.3 Integrated Die Casting Solution: Front and Rear Integrated Aluminum Body
3.2.4 Integrated Die Casting Solution: Front and Rear Integrated Die Casting
3.2.5 Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting
3.3 Xpeng Motor
3.3.1 Integrated Die Casting Solution: Front and Rear Integrated Aluminum Die Casting 
3.3.2 Integrated Die Casting Future Plans
3.3.3 Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting
3.4 Li Auto
3.4.1 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution: Rear Floor Frame
3.4.2 Integrated Die Casting Cooperation
3.5 Xiaomi 
3.5.1 Advantages of Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.5.2 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution: Rear Floor
3.5.3 Patent of Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.6.1 Integrated Die Casting Technology and Process  
3.6.2 Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Material 
3.6.3 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution: Rear Aluminum Body 
3.6.4 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution: Middle Body 
3.6.5 Integrated Die Casting Cooperation
3.7 Neta Automobile
3.7.1 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution 
3.7.2 Future planning of Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.7.3 Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.8 Chery
3.8.1 Integrated Die Casting Patent
3.8.2 Integrated Die Casting Cooperation
3.8.3 Models with Integrated Die Casting  
3.9 Integrated Die Casting Technical Solution of AITO
3.10 FAW’s Layout and Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting Technology  
3.11 Changan Automobile’s Layout and Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.12 Great Wall Motor’s Layout and Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.13 Volkswagen’s Integrated Die Casting Technology Application and Layout  
3.14 Volvo’s Layout and Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting Technology
3.15 Toyota’s Integrated Die Casting Technology Layout
3.16 Mercedes-Benz’s Integrated Die Casting Technology Layout
3.17 Cadillac’s Integrated Die Casting Technology Application and Cooperation

4 Integrated Die Casting Layout of Tier1s
4.1 Wencan Group
4.1.1 Product Layout
4.1.2 Advantages of Integrated Die-casting Technology
4.1.3 Progress in Trial Production and Mass Production of Integrated Die-cast Products
4.1.4 Integrated Die-casting Cooperation Layout
4.1.5 Integrated Die-casting Factory Layout
4.2 Guangdong Hongtu
4.2.1 Product Layout
4.2.2 Advantages of Integrated Die-casting Technology
4.2.3 Integrated Die-casting Technology Patents
4.2.4 Main Integrated Die-casting R&D Projects 
4.2.5 Integrated Die-casting Progress and Cooperation
4.2.6 Integrated Die-casting Factory Layout
4.3 IKD
4.3.1 Die Casting Related Patent
4.3.2 Die Casting Machine Layout
4.3.3 Integrated Die Casting Product Layout
4.4 Xusheng Group
4.4.1 Product Layout
4.4.2 Die Casting Core Technology
4.4.3 Die Casting Production Line Capability
4.4.4 Integrated Die Casting Product Layout
4.5 Millison
4.5.1 Integrated Die Casting Advantages
4.5.2 Integrated Die Casting Product Trial and Mass Production Progress
4.5.3 Integrated Die Casting Factory Layout
4.6 Sunpin Technology
4.6.1 Integrated Die Casting Cooperation
4.6.2 Integrated Die Casting Factory Layout
4.7 Asiaway
4.7.1 Integrated Die Casting Product Layout
4.7.2 Integrated Die Casting Project Dynamics
4.8 Rayhoo 
4.8.1 Products and Cooperation
4.8.2 Integrated Die Casting Latest Dynamics
4.8.3 Integrated Die Casting Product Trial and Mass Production Progress
4.9 Chuzhou Duoli Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
4.9.1 Integrated Die Casting Cooperation
4.9.2 Trial Production and Mass Production of Integrated Die Casting Products  
4.9.3 Yancheng Factory and Dynamics
4.9.4 Lu'an Factory and Dynamics
4.10 Changqing Machinery Co., Ltd.
4.10.1 Mass Production of Integrated Die Casting Products 
4.10.2 Dynamics in Cooperation
4.11 Friend Co., Ltd.
4.11.1 Mass Production of Integrated Die Casting Products
4.11.2 Factory Layout and Cooperation 
4.11.3 Dynamics in Cooperation
4.12 Other Suppliers
4.12.1 Integrated Die Casting Products and Factory Layout of Chervon Auto Co., Ltd.
4.12.2 Integrated Die Casting Product Mass Production and Technology of Jiangsu Bojun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
4.12.3 Integrated Die Casting Layout of Jiangsu Rongtai Industry Co., Ltd. 
4.12.4 Integrated Die Casting Project of CITIC Dicastal
4.12.5 Integrated Die Casting Process of Exquisite Die Casting
4.12.6 Integrated Die Casting Process of Change Technology
4.12.7 Integrated Die Casting Products and Cooperation of Ningbo Tuopu Group

5 Integrated Die Casting Supply Chain Layout
Die Casting Machine Suppliers
5.1 L.K. Technology
5.1.1 Process Automation Solution of Die Casting
5.1.2 IMPRESS & D-Series (Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine)
5.1.3 Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Application Technology 
5.1.4 Intelligent Control System 
5.1.5 Ultra-large Intelligent Die Casting Unit: IMPRESS-PLUS Series
5.1.6 Ultra-large Intelligent Die Casting Unit: DREAMPRESS Series 
5.1.7 TPI Die Casting Technology Solution 
5.1.8 Future Layout of Super-large Intelligent Die Casting Unit  
5.1.9 Production-research Cooperation in Integrated Die Casting
5.1.10 Integrated Die Casting Production Base Layout
5.1.11 Integrated Die Casting Supply
5.1.12 Cooperation with OEMs in Integrated Die Casting
5.2 Haitian Die Casting
5.2.1 HDC Super Large Die Casting Machine Series
5.2.2 Features of HDC Super-large Die Casting Machine
5.2.3 Super-large Die Casting Machine Production Base and Cooperation
5.2.4 7000T Die Casting Supply
5.2.5 Global Application Center Is Equipped with 8800T Super-large Mold Test Units
5.3.1 LEAP Series Die Casting Machine Technology
5.3.2 Completed the 9000T "Ultra-large Integrated Die-casting Parts" with FAW
5.3.3 7000T Ultra-large Die Casting Machine Features and Cooperation
5.3.4 Ultra-large Die Casting Machine Plant
5.4 IDRA 
5.4.1 Products
5.4.2 OLCS Series Die Casting Machine
5.4.3 Giga-Press Series Die Casting Machine
5.4.4 Technical Characteristics: 5S Series New Injection System
5.4.5 Technical Characteristics: Protection System / DCP System / Cell Controller
5.4.6 Neo Series Die Casting Machine
5.4.7 X-Press 6000 Two-platen Die Casting Machine
5.4.8 Integrated Die Casting Machine Cooperation Dynamics
5.4.9 Integrated Die-casting Cooperation Layout
5.5 Bühler
5.5.1 Die Casting Machine Development History
5.5.2 Integrated Die-casting Products: Carat 840/610
5.5.3 Integrated Die-casting Products: Carat 920 Die Casting Cell Composition
5.5.4 Integrated Die-casting Products: Carat 920 Die Casting Cell Composition
5.5.5 Advantages of Carat Series
5.5.6 Cooperation with Suppliers/OEMs
5.5.7 Cooperation: Volvo
5.5.8 Cooperation: Handtmann
5.5.9 Cooperation: Comptech
Mold Suppliers
5.6 Guangzhou Die and Mould Manufacturing (GZDM)
5.6.1 Patent for "Vacuum Die Casting System"
5.6.2 Ultra-large Integrated Die Casting Mold Supporting Situation
5.6.3 Ultra-large Integrated Die Casting Molding Technology Cooperation and Achievements
5.7 ZDM(Zhenzhi)Machinery & Mold Co., Ltd
5.7.1 Large Die Casting Mold Plant Layout
5.7.2 Intelligent Mold Base and Its Cooperation Partner
5.7.3 Technical Cooperation for Large Die Casting Molds
5.7.4 Integrated Die-casting Mold Product Delivery Capabilities
5.8 Ningbo Saiweida (SWD)
5.8.1 Integrated Die Casting Mold Factory Layout and Technology
5.8.2 R&D Progress of Integrated Die Casting Molds
5.8.3 Cooperation on Integrated Die Casting Molds
5.9 Chongqing Guangcheng
5.9.1 Integrated Die Casting Mold Production Capacity
5.9.1 Integrated Die Casting Mold Production Capacity
5.9.2 Supporting Situation of OEMs
5.10 Ningbo Heli
5.10.1 Integrated Die Casting Mold Products and Bases
5.10.2 Integrated Die Casting Mold Cooperation Dynamics
5.11 Integrated Die Casting Mold Technology
5.12 Chongqing Borun Successfully Delivers 7000T Integrated Die-casting Rear Floor Mold for Changan Automobile
5.13 Xinlin Mold's Integrated Assembly Center for Large Die-casting Structural Parts Officially Put into Operation
Suppliers of Heat-free Materials
5.14 ALCOA
5.14.1 Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy Layout
5.14.2 Mechanical Properties and Characteristics of Heat-Treatment-Free Aluminum Alloy
5.14.3 Mechanical Properties of Heat-treatment-free C611
5.14.4 Application of Heat-treatment-free C611
5.15 Rheinfelden
5.15.1 Comparison of Aluminum Product Characteristics
5.15.2 Strong Ductility Solution for Al-Si series: Castasil 37
5.15.3 High Thermal/Electrical Conductivity Solution for Al-Si series: Castasil 21
5.15.4 Al-Mg Series Lightweighting Solution: Magsimal Series
5.15.5 Al-Mg Series Enhanced Mold Life Solution: Castaduct series
5.15.6 Aluminum Alloy Products and Properties: Comparison between Castasil 37 and Magsimal 59
5.16 Lizhong Group
5.16.1 Following LDHM-02, Three Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloys Are Developed
5.16.2 Application Features of Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy
5.16.3 Application Features of Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy
5.16.4 R&D Progress of Heat-treatment-free Materials
5.16.5 Upstream and Downstream Cooperation Cases
5.16.6 Overseas Aluminum Alloy Material Projects
5.17 Shanghai Wantai Aluminum
5.17.1 Four Types of Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy
5.17.2 Application Features of Heat-treatment-free Aluminum Alloy
5.17.3 Development Progress of Integrated Die Casting Materials
5.17.4 Authorization and Projects
5.18 Hubei Xinjinyang
5.18.1 "JY-1" Aluminum Alloy
5.18.2 Easy Demolding Aluminum Alloy Application Technology
5.18.3 Morphological Features of Easy-to-demould Aluminum Alloy

6 Development Trends of Integrated Die Casting
6.1 The Tonnage of Integrated Die-Casting Equipment Will Keep Increasing and Chinese Players Gain Momentum
6.2  In 2023 Multiple Mold Manufacturers Deployed Integrated Die Casting and A Multi-leader Pattern Will Take Shape in the Future
6.3 The Technical Barriers to Non-heat Treatment Have Been Broken down and Chinese Players Acquire Ever More Patents 
6.4 Emerging Carmakers Apply Integrated Die Casting in Much More Models and Conventional Automakers also Accelerate Their Layout
6.5 In the Long Run Third-party Die Casting Factories Will Dominate
6.6 The Application of Integrated Die Casting Has Expanded from the Rear Underbody to the Front Underbody, Requiring Higher Tonnage Die Casting Machines

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Automotive Ecological Domain Research: How Will OEM Ecology and Peripheral Hardware Develop? Ecological Domain and Automotive Hardware Expansion Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina ...

C-V2X and CVIS Industry Research Report, 2024

C-V2X and CVIS Research: In 2023, the OEM scale will exceed 270,000 units, and large-scale verification will start.The pilot application of "vehicle-road-cloud integration” commenced, and C-V2X entere...

Automotive Intelligent Cockpit Platform Configuration Strategy and Industry Research Report, 2024

According to the evolution trends and functions, the cockpit platform has gradually evolved into technical paths such as cockpit-only, cockpit integrated with other domains, cockpit-parking integratio...

Analysis on Huawei's Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing,2023-2024

Analysis on Huawei's Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing: Comprehensive layout in eight major fields and upgrade of Huawei Smart Selection The “Huawei Intelligent Driving Business...

Li Auto’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing and Strategy Analysis Report, 2023-2024

Li Auto overestimates the BEV market trend and returns to intensive cultivation. In the MPV market, Denza D9 DM-i with the highest sales (8,030 units) in January 2024 is a hybrid electric vehicle (H...

Analysis on NIO’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, 2023

Analysis on NIO’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, 2023 Because of burning money and suffering a huge loss, many people thought NIO would soon go out of business. NI...

Monthly Monitoring Report on China Automotive Sensor Technology and Data Trends (Issue 3, 2024)

Insight into intelligent driving sensors: “Chip-based” reduces costs, and the pace of installing 3-LiDAR solutions in cars quickens. LiDARs were installed in 173,000 passenger cars in China in Q1 2024...

Autonomous Driving Simulation Industry Report, 2024

Autonomous Driving Simulation Research: Three Trends of Simulation Favoring the Implementation of High-level Intelligent Driving. On November 17, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Techno...

Mobile Charging Robot Research Report, 2024

Research on mobile charging robot: more than 20 companies have come in and have implemented in three major scenarios. Mobile Charging Robot Research Report, 2024 released by ResearchInChina highlight...

End-to-end Autonomous Driving (E2E AD) Research Report, 2024

End-to-end Autonomous Driving Research: status quo of End-to-end (E2E) autonomous driving 1. Status quo of end-to-end solutions in ChinaAn end-to-end autonomous driving system refers to direct mappi...

Monthly Monitoring Report on China Automotive Intelligent Driving Technology and Data Trends (Issue 2, 2024)

Insight into intelligent driving: ECARX self-develops intelligent driving chips, and L2.5 installation soared by 175% year on year.   Based on the 2023 version, the 2024 version of Monthly...

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