Analysis on Xpeng’s Layout in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, 2023
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Research on Xpeng’s layout in electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing: in the innovation-driven rapid development, secured orders for 100 flying cars.    

NIO, Xpeng and Li Auto are among the fastest-moving automakers in the revolution of electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing, and Xpeng is more innovative and radical than NIO and Li Auto, leading to its lowest gross margin.   

In NOA field, Xpeng and Huawei lead in China.

Xpeng’s car models feature its leading intelligent driving system. According to Xpeng’s official data, as of October 7, 2023, of the orders for 15,000 2024 G9 cars in total,  the MAX edition equipped with XNGP, Xpeng’s advanced intelligent driving system, as a standard configuration, swept more than 80%. 

The following are the results of the First China Intelligent Driving Competition held by D1EV: 
Shenzhen Urban NOA List: first place: Xpeng G6; second place: Avatr 11; third place: ARCFOX αS HI Edition; fourth place: AITO M5.
Shenzhen Highway NOA List: champion: ARCFOX αS; runner-up: AITO M5; third runner-up: Hyper GT.  
Shanghai Urban NOA List: first place: Xpeng G6; second place: Jiyue 01; third place: ARCFOX αS HI Edition; fourth place: Avatr 11; fifth place: AITO M5.
Shanghai Highway NOA List: champion: AITO M5; runner-up: Xpeng G6; third runner-up: Neta S.
Guangzhou Highway NOA List: first place: Xpeng G6; second place: AITO M5; third place: Avatr 11.
It can be seen that the NOA of Xpeng G6 is in a leading position in China.

Xpeng is the first in China to use a 12000T ultra-large die-casting machine to realize CIB battery body integration design.  

Xpeng's integrated die-casting and CIB battery body integration design enhance chassis protection while saving vertical space, improving safety and riding comfort. The front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting technology has a torsional stiffness of up to 42,000N·m/deg, up 83%, and integrates 161 components,  reducing the body weight by 17%.  

小鹏新四化 1_副本.png

He Xiaopeng, president and CEO of Xpeng, said that Xpeng now has the world’s only 12000T ultra-large die-casting machine, and will soon expand a 16000T die-casting machine to support the production of larger die-cast parts. At present, Xpeng is developing CIB + center floor integrated die-casting technology, which can increase cruising range by 5% and lower overall manufacturing cost by 10%-30%.    

小鹏新四化 2_副本.png 

At the Guangzhou factory, Xpeng and Guangdong Hongtu Technology adopted a new cooperation model of building "factory in factory" to speed up the application of integrated die-cast parts in automobiles. Guangdong Hongtu Technology has received the notifications of designating integrated die-cast products from multiple customers including Xpeng and other new energy vehicle brands and conventional automakers.       

Xpeng has secured orders for 100 flying car.

From 2013 to 2023, XPeng AeroHT, an arm of Xpeng, developed six generations of flying cars. 

In October 2023, Xpeng AeroHT introduced two flying cars at Xpeng 1024 Tech Day: a split configuration and an air-ground integrated configuration. Wherein, the split configuration is named “Modular Flying Car”, consisting of two parts, air module and ground module which can automatically separate and combine.  

小鹏新四化 3_副本.png

On December 1, 2023, Jiaxing Nanhu District Road-Air Cooperative Three-Dimensional Transportation Industry Research Institute signed a reservation agreement with Xpeng AeroHT, planning to order 100 Modular Flying Cars used for comprehensive management of transportation such as highways and waterways, as well as flying camp experience and site connection transport.     

To enhance flying car safety, Xpeng AeroHT independently developed the multi-parachute rescue system. In October 2023, this technology was installed on XPENG X2 and successfully completed a 50-meter ultra-low-altitude parachuting test, filling a gap in ultra-low-altitude rescues.   

In early October 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the Civil Aviation Administration jointly issued the Outline for the Development of Green Aviation Manufacturing Industry (2023-2035), specifying the development timetable of eVTOL: by 2025, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts will be piloted; by 2035, new energy aircrafts will become mainstream. 

In the summary of Xpeng’s development history in Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Sharing, it can be seen that despite a very low gross margin, Xpeng has won recognition and support from all parties by virtue of its great innovation strength and leading technologies. For example, Volkswagen invested RMB5 billion in Xpeng.

Chapter 1 Overview of Xpeng  
1.1 Profile
1.2 Management Team
1.3 Organizational Structure
1.4 Organizational Structure Adjustment and Optimization 
1.5 Development History of Car Manufacturing
1.6 Sales 
1.7 Revenue and Profits
1.8 Financing History
1.9 R&D Layout
1.10 Production Layout
1.11 Integrated Die-casting Layout
1.12 Sales Channels
1.13 Used Car Services 

Chapter 2 Xpeng’s Electrification and Chassis Layout
2.1 Comparison of Key Parameters between Models on Sale and Launched 
2.2 “Three Electrics” Technologies and Suppliers 
2.3 Progress in “Three Electrics” Technologies in 2023  
2.4 Charging Network Layout 
2.5 Charging and Energy Replenishment Products 
2.6 Dynamics in Electrification Cooperation  
2.7 CIB Battery Body Integration Design 
2.8 800V Platform Development
2.9 800V Super-fast Charging Platform 
2.10 Development Phases of Thermal Management System  
2.11 X-HP Intelligent Thermal Management System
2.12 XPower 3.0 Powertrain System 

Chapter 3 Xpeng’s Electronic/Electrical Architecture (EEA) 
3.1 EEA Evolution: Technology Roadmap
3.2 Released SEPA 2.0 Fuyao Architecture
3.3 X-EEA 3.0: Central Supercomputing + Zone Control 
3.4 X-EEA 3.0: Hardware, Communication and Power Architecture 
3.5 Four Major Controllers of X-EEA3.0 
3.6 High Integration of X-EEA3.0  
3.7 Central Domain Controller Architecture Diagram of X-EEA3.0 
3.8 XPU Circuit Diagram of XEEA3.0 
3.9 Architecture Diagram of Autonomous Driving Domain Controller of X-EEA3.0  
3.10 Left and Right Zone Controllers of XEEA3.0 
3.11 Circuit Diagram of Left and Right Zone Controllers of XEEA3.0
3.12 The Future of Xpeng EEA

Chapter 4 Xpeng’s Intelligent Driving System
4.1 Development Roadmap of XPILOT Autonomous Driving System 
4.2 Features of City NGP  
4.3 NGP Function Evolution 
4.4 Development Route of Automated Parking
4.5 Valet Parking Assist (VPA)
4.6 Valet Parking Assist with LiDAR (VPA-L)   
4.7 Full-stack Self-development of Autonomous Driving 
4.8 Intelligent Computing Center for Autonomous Driving 
4.9 XBain and X-NET
4.10 XPlanner and X-NET2.0
4.11 Autonomous Driving Management Team
4.12 Dynamics in Autonomous Driving

Chapter 5 Xpeng’s Intelligent Cockpit and Telematics System
5.1 Cockpit Supply Chain
5.2 Introduction to Xmart OS In-car Operating System 
5.3 OTA Evolution
5.4 In-car Ecosystem
5.5 Highlights of Intelligent Cockpit 
5.6 Intelligent Cockpit Evolution and Suppliers 
5.7 Application Cases of Xmart OS in Car Models 
5.8 Function Upgrades of Xmart OS 4.4.0  
5.9 5th Generation Intelligent Cockpit System
5.10 In-car APP 
5.11 Smartphone APP 

Chapter 6 Xpeng’s Key Models and Suppliers 
6.1 Main Suppliers of Xpeng G9
6.2 Comparison between Xpeng G9 and Competing Products
6.3 Comparison between 2024 Xpeng G9 and Competing Products
6.4 Comparison between Xpeng G6 and Competing Products
6.5 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Xpeng G6
6.6 Main Suppliers of Xpeng G6
6.7 X9 and MONA
6.8 Configuration of X9

Chapter 7 Xpeng’s Future Mobility Business 
7.1 Profile of XPENG Robotics
7.2 Robot Pony of XPENG Robotics 
7.3 Humanoid Robot of XPENG Robotics  
7.4 Profile of Xpeng AeroHT  
7.5 Xpeng’s Layout of Flying Car R&D and Test Flight Bases 
7.6 Development History of Xpeng AeroHT 
7.7 Introduction to Xpeng Flying Cars
7.8 Parameters of Xpeng Flying Cars
7.9 Xpeng’s Split Configuration Flying Car
7.10 Xpeng Independently Developed A Multi-Parachute Rescue System

Chapter 8 Xpeng’s Overseas Layout 
8.1 Overseas Development History
8.2 Overseas R&D and Services Layout
8.3 Overseas Sales and Flagship Models
8.4 Ways of Going Overseas and Overseas Sales Model

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