Top Green Energy plans to shut down solar cell productions


Taiwan-based solar cell maker Top Green Energy indicated the plan to shut down cell operations. In addition, the firm does not exclude the possibility of selling equipment as well. After restructuring, Top Green Energy will focus on silane.

Top Green Energy indicated if there are reasonable orders, the production will continue. In addition, there is no exact schedule for production suspension. The rapid price drops have been causing pressure on production costs, therefore, there is a high chance of production suspension. If that happens, solar cell orders will be passed to Solartech.

Top Green Energy will focus on silane production in the future and expects by September 2012, the monthly production will reach 30 tons. By May 2013, the monthly production is expected to grow to 60 tons. Top Green Energy hopes by producing silane, Taiwan-based firms can reduce the reliance of imported silane.


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