China completes development of first aviation biofuel product


A Chinese oil producer has completed the development of the country's first self-developed aviation biofuel product, according to aviation authorities.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced Tuesday that it has officially started to review the aviation biofuel product developed by Sinopec, the country's top oil refiner.

The CAAC will conduct a series of examinations through laboratory experiments and test flights in accordance with relevant procedures and international standards, according to the CAAC.

Sinopec will gain approval from the CAAC to use the product in commercial flights once it is proven safe for aircraft, the CAAC said.

Li Jian, deputy director of CAAC, said the move has demonstrated China's carbon emission reduction efforts, as aviation biofuel, which is made from renewable resources, produces much less carbon dioxide than traditional aviation kerosene in flight.

With a consumption of nearly 20 million tonnes annually, China has become a significant consumer of aviation fuels, and Sinopec has provided 70 percent of domestic products.

Sinopec is also actively seeking new raw materials for aviation biofuel, including waste cooking oil and seaweeds, according to the company.


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