Taiwan solar firms lower production of mono-like solar products


The solar industry went through a period of hype for mono-like solar wafers. However, development of this particular industry has not flourished in 2012. Industry sources noted that cost and conversion efficiency continue to be problems for mono-like solar wafers. The uncertainty of the technology has kept the product away from the market.

Industry observers noted that production of high-efficiency mono-like solar wafers increases costs by US$0.25-0.30/unit compared to mainstream polysilicon solar wafers. But the selling price of the former is almost the same. Hence mono-like solar product firms have been operating at losses.

Nevertheless, solar firms indicated that lowering the production of mono-like products does not mean firms are exiting the market. The firms are still examining the technology and its possibilities.

Taiwan-based solar firms have been relatively late in developing mono-like solar products compared to China.

Besides self-produced mono-like solar products, China's domestic industry has the ability to produce mono-like solar equipment. China-based solar firms indicated that Taiwan-based solar firms lack processes, hence costs will continue to be high.

Some China-based peers believe the possibility of mono-like solar products replacing polysilicon as the mainstream is quite high.

Industry observers stated that despite the attractive features of mono-like solar wafers, the lack of control over efficiency poses a problem. 


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