L&L Energy Targets 14 Mine Acquisitions


SEATTLE, Sept. 6, 2011 -- L & L Energy, Inc., ("L&L" or the "Company"), a U.S.-based company since 1995 with coal mining and distribution businesses in China, announced that it has signed Letters of Intent with 14 operating coal mines in the Guizhou Province. The mines produce primarily coking coal and have been collectively approved for 3 million tons of annual coal capacity. If executed, based on current market prices, it would yield approx. US$ 500 million in revenue.

In an effort to increase mine size and improve production efficiency, the Guizhou Province recently announced a plan to reduce its 1,600 locally owned mines to some 40 holding companies. The government also mandates that total coal production in the province be increased by a 40%, equating to 300 million tons per year by 2015. L&L's acquisition team has been working hard at the forefront in the consolidation process, which could result in exponential revenue growth. L&L is the only American owned, and U.S. public listed mining company in the province with strong U.S. management skills, and 16 years of in-China experience. The Company is working with Asian and local sources to finance the acquisitions.

Dickson Lee, Chairman and CEO of L&L Energy commented, "Guizhou's accelerated consolidation plan provides an enormous profit opportunity. In my recent meetings with Vice Governor of Guizhou and the Chief of the Energy Bureau, we were encouraged to target 5 million tons of capacity and to take a leadership position in the Guizhou consolidation process. With our deep relationships in the region and our success of bringing U.S. operating standards to China, I am confident in our position moving forward. A U.S. technical team, led by L&L board member Dr. Syd Peng, will head to China in September to supervise the acquisitions. Based on the team's assessments of geology, staffing and consultation of local agencies, we will execute appropriate mines in our first round of acquisitions. 


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